The Embassy Network

Be at Home Across the Globe

The Embassy Network is an community, a set of resources, and a software platform to connect modern shared living spaces. Embassy locations provide residence and accommodations for creatives, professionals and modern nomads traveling the globe for projects and collaborations. We facilitate affordable stays in vibrant communities where members can plug into a lively culture and work together to create a dynamic environment of events, activities and intentional pursuits.

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Vibrant Communities.

Like other travel networks, Embassy locations are independently owned and operated, set their own prices, and have full say over guest stays at their locations; but, the Embassy Network specifically seeks to connect shared living spaces characterized by an emphasis on openness, collaboration and community. Members may travel freely and live amongst all locations, and travelers from far and wide can seek reprieve in a place that feels like home.

Affordable Stays.

Affordability is a major goal of the Embassy Network. Affordability supports travel and exposure to new experiences, but also exploration and creativity. Emergent from the collection of participating locations is a collaboratively managed commons that seeks to make increasingly efficient use of resources, support the development of community ties, and recycle profits back into the communities that generate them.

Working Together.

Together, these locations create a global fabric of intelligent, creative, and passionate people leading lives of intention, supported and inspired by their community, and exploring modern notions of Home in the 21st century.