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Offer quality hosted guest stays and events. The Embassy Network platform is tailored towards community-run and community-managed spaces. Reach individuals who seek to immerse themselves in dynamic environments with passionate people.


Locations in the Embassy Network are independently run. Operational details, including guest rooms, pricing, and the type of community they seek to create, are up to each house. All Embassy locations minimally offer a hosted guest experience within some kind of community, but they each have their own approach and style. Not only is each space different, they are meant to be different.

That said, Embassy locations typically combine short-term and long-term accommodations in large houses with a significant amount of common space. Income from guests goes towards compensating one or more people for hosting and guest operations (such as managing bookings and housekeeping), offsetting living costs, management and upkeep of the space, and contributing towards community activities and purchases.

Sharing the cost of common space and amenities amongst residents and guests provides economies of scale and gives rise to new community resources or third spaces, supporting a dynamic environment for events, discussions and projects that are operated by and for the community.

Those interested in residence and membership at individual locations work out specific details (including pricing) with that location directly. These operating models are themselves completely independent of the Network; however, participation comes with the benefit of learning from a community that is actively designing, testing, and running similar programs, access to software to manage the program, as well as plugging in to a global tribe of nomads and travelers looking for short- and long-term accommodations.

Our Platform

Our open source platform offers guest hosting and event management, as well as a customizable landing page and descriptive content. Similar to AirBnB, listing your location lets you add guest rooms and manage availability, payments and scheduling, but it is also designed to expose information about guests and residents to each other in a way that facilitates conversation and collaboration. Daily emails provide links to profiles of arriving and departing guests, and information about upcoming events.

The platform also supports event hosting and management in a community-driven way. Any community member may propose events for review and approval by residents or other event admins. There are automatic weekly event updates sent to those who sign up, which makes it easy to keep people up to date with what's going on in the space. Events can be private or open, have attendance caps, and a number of other features.


The platform is free to list your community, manage events or offer free stays. For paid stays, the network takes a 5% fee from bookings to support continued development of the software, resource development, and member support.

How to Join

Right now new locations are approved individually. If

Please get in touch! Email [email protected] and tell us about your community:

We'll get back to you and get you set up. Once approved, you'll