A Personal Advance and Jungle Sanctuary in rural Costa Rica.

The Choza is a space for self-driven projects and personally directed work. You move at your own pace, and set your own schedule. We support projects and seek collaborators that look at new ways of approaching the world and creating positive social impact. Longer term fellows and researchers are invited to be involved in planning and decision making for the property.

Retreat centers often focus on pre-planned events, and many existing communities ask visitors to participate in specific projects. The Choza operates as a personal retreat (for individuals or small groups)— except we don’t want you to retreat, we want you to advance! That’s why we call it an “advance" space.

Our property is very raw. The jungle here envelops you. The accommodations are basic, if beautiful. Whether it is the torrential rains of the winter season or the cicadas of the summer, the deep red mud, or the breathtaking views, the jungle will keep your senses stimulated.

We co-exist with many fascinating but often unfamiliar species here. The sheer density and lushness of life is inescapable, even affronting at times. For us, this is the power of the Choza: to confront us with raw possibility, to not temper it. To juxtapose the power of natural systems with hegemony of human civilization, and contemplate their evolving relationship. And most importantly, to always be in motion.



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