Two words that best describe our accommodation? Beautiful and basic. From the spacious Cabins built in 2014-2015 and the scrappily renovated Main House and hacked together wood shop, the Choza is yours for your projects.

Casita el Ensueños

This single room casita (situated down a hill) has two queen beds and a removable child cot. Named as the ‘House of Dreams’ guests will wake feel refreshed and vitalised for the day ahead. You can sit in a hammock on the porch of the Casita and listen to the valley river running below. There is no internet in the Casita.

Millennium Falcon

Two rooms under one roof offering queen and bunk beds with a large shared porch which looks over the valley. Situated down the hill near the Casita, guests will love sleeping in these rooms named after the Star Wars spaceship. The porch is great for hammocking and discussions. There is no internet here.

Main house

The Main house is the social and operational hub of the property. It located toward the top of the property next to the dirt road. The main house has been partially upgraded over the years and today, features three small bedrooms (2 private rooms and 1 shared room), and open kitchen, a bathroom with a semi-hot shower, and a large wrap around porch. The internet works in this house, and there are skylights over the bedrooms and bathroom. The house has large windows in the kitchen and natural ventilation to allow air to circulate via screens at your feet and above your head. This old beauty isn't a looker, but she's functional.


Next to the Main House is a locking bodega - or tool shed. Here you will find power tools such as a table saw, sanders, drills, sawzall, Dremel, etc., and many hand tools. Various plumbing, electrical and other supplies are available for maintenance utility and other projects.

Wood Shop

Adjacent to the Bodega is a wood shop. Here we store wood ready for the next building projects, furniture development and other handmade items. We save all the scraps for the Cob oven and sawdust for compost.

Chicken Coop

One of our long-term hosts Gardner had a chicken and called him Gardner IV, so naturally, he made him a palace worthy of his namesake. With six chickens in the coop, the Choza community will have up to 6 fresh eggs daily.


A large 20 foot diameter roofed structure away from the main house and bedrooms. This beautiful spot looks out over the valley and La Choza farmland. The main internet reception is here and has lots of hammocks to choose from. Great for yoga, meditation and group discussions using static whiteboard and pens.

Empirical Point

Located on the tip of the valley the Point is a long, skinny open air structure which is one of the more peaceful points on the property and has a fantastic view as far as the eye can see. This space is great for light facilitation, discussion and personal downtime.


Cob Oven

Next to the Main House is an outdoor Cob Oven. Using wooden scraps from the wood shop, you can prepare and heat up the oven and use it to cook your homemade bread, pizza and bagels!


We have two internet providers, Kolbi and Claro. We get about 0.5 - 0.7Mbps on Kolbi, and 1.5Mbps on Claro. The Claro service comes through a giant antenna mounted to a tree, and resides in a box which is unfortunately metal and limits reception to the immediate studio area. Reception for the Kolbi network extends from the studio to the main Choza house, with commensurately weaker reception. The humidity, time of day and week, and various other factors have a fairly significant affect on internet reception. It tends to be best in the early morning, when it’s common to do video streaming with clarity. In the evenings and Sunday nights, or when the weather is really bad, it can be slow to simply load a basic web page.

Indoor Shower

We have a indoors shower in the Main house that provides electrically heated water. It may not get super hot but takes the edge off.

Outdoor Showers

There are two outdoor showers at the back of the Millennium Falcon which run with fresh, cold spring water.

Washing Machine

We have a very basic mechanized laundry machine on site with lines for air drying. Please bring your own eco-friendly laundry powder.


There is a kitchen in the main house with a gas stove and oven. There is no microwave. Cooking pots, utensils, plates, bowls and silverware are on site along with mugs and glasses. Food costs are included in the price of the rooms. Grocery shopping and cooking is done collectively.