Frequently Asked Questions

Is there Internet?

Yes, there is wireless Internet available at the studio and the main house. Bandwidth tends to be about 1Mbps down, and about 0.5Mbps up, but it varies considerably based on time of day and weather. Video chats work when we are lucky. See our section on Amenities for more info.

Is there a grocery store?

Not really! The land is our grocery store. The nearest grocery store is about an hour and a half away by car in the town of Parrita. We recommend stopping on your way in for anything special you might want or need, either in Puriscal or Parrita.

Do I need to bring or cook my own food?

Food is included in your stay and prepared in a communal fashion. We find these things tend to be emergent. If like cooking, dive right in. And if you don't, you can help with the dishes. There are no formal meal times but people on the property tend to establish a kind of rhythm together. You are encouraged to participate in group meals, and also welcome to prepare food for yourself as you need.

Are there deadly animals?

This is the jungle. Though there are a small number of deadly and unpleasant creatures, the primary annoyance are mosquitos and no-see-ums. There are Terciopelo (Fer de Lance) in this region, but they are quite uncommon around humans and basic precautions such as wearing closed-toed shoes when walking through recently undisturbed areas should suffice.

When is dry and wet season?

Officially dry season starts at the end of October but to us dry season is January - June. During dry season you can expect hot humid days somewhere close to 30C. During wet season it rains for many hours each day and is cooler, closer to 20C. An Internet search will provide helpful weather charts for your planning.

Do I need special footwear?

Footwear is quite seasonally dependent. In the rainy season, we may go weeks with rubber boots as our only footwear. You can pick up cheap rain boots from a local hardware store in Costa Rica for about $12, and they come in a very large variety of sizes. We also usually have a few spare pairs lying around, but cannot guarantee as such. If you're coming during dry season, pack some comfortable flip flops and good tennis or light hiking shoes with good grip.

Should I hire a car?

You can get buses from San Jose to La Choza Del Mundo. It can take the better part of a day. If you wish to go exploring further afield during your stay here then we would recommend hiring a car. This will cost you on average about $100 a day, which is quite steep especially if your car will be sitting unused at the Choza during your stay. If you do hire a vehicle, it is worth taking into consideration that the roads to Choza Del Mundo are in very poor condition, especially in the rainy season. You must rent a 4x4. Check the spare tire and ensure the jack and other necessary equipment are present before you leave, and please drive gingerly. It is not uncommon for people to pop a tire.

Are there animals at the Choza?

We have a variety of chickens, at least one cat and one dog at the Choza. They are outdoor animals but come to the house for food and sociability.

Do I need a visa?

Many nationalities do not require a visa to visit Costa Rica, but please check yourself to ensure you are following the proper requirements for your country. Most nationalities have a maximum stay of 3 months before a visa run is required; many people use this as an opportunity to visit Panama or Nicaragua.

I have medical issues, do you need to know?

Absolutely. Fellows and researchers will be asked to complete an online medical form before they arrive, but guests and should please let us know any pre-existing conditions. We are about 2 hours from a hospital on bumpy back roads.

This is a very mountainous region and therefore the property may, unfortunately, not be suitable for those with physical disabilities. We are very happy to answer any questions you may have and do our best to accommodate your needs.

I am a guest can I extend my stay?

Of course, often people who come to the Choza decide to stay longer, you can extend your stay online, subject to availability. We ask that you give us as much notice as possible.