Fellowship positions are offered on a 1+ month basis, individuals will have conducted their own research either previously at the Choza Del Mundo or externally. Fellows produce open, shared documentation (written or other formats) synthesizing insights and lessons learned in a way that could inform the work of other people.

Fellowships Overview

The Fellowship program is aimed to create the space for you to document and communicate your work. The Choza environment is a physical location to allow individuals to immerse themselves away from their daily life, to listen deeply and be inspired by the jungle around them. Fellows curiously engage with the local community and other Researchers, Fellows, and Hosts, to actively listen and push bounds for their study by serendipitous collaborations that occur at the Choza. The Fellows are using this time to contemplate, articulate and communicate their projects and life's work in the medium of their choice. The goal is to get it out in the world openly and to be held accountable to get that book complete, the paper written, or the documentation open sourced. Get it to done.

Fellowship Experience

The Fellows main project will be to self-explore their topic of study while also being an active member of the Choza community. Some days, Researchers will be holed up in their favorite nook on the property pouring through their topic with deep dedication, whereas other days, the Fellows may participate in a Choza community project, such as assisting another Fellows with their project, support the Hosts and Choza staff for harvesting the land or supporting a construction project. And as a small group living and working at the Choza, the Fellow will also assist in the day-to-day live at the Choza including food preparation and other general contributions. In short, you can expect the following from your experience as a Fellow:

  • a combination of intellectual time and physical contributions on the property;
  • the opportunity to deliver an Advance (our word for a retreat) or Community Event;
  • a lightly facilitated experience with a majority of time self-directed opportunities for peer feedback, cross fertilization and blue sky/green hat thinking;
  • shared meals and shared cooking;
  • a maximally rural setting in the mountains of Costa Rica; and
  • basic but beautiful accommodations.

Whilst the Choza is a community, your project(s) are your own and this program is best suited to self-sufficient individuals who are independently motivated and can manage themselves, stay in active communication through online channels, and are comfortable learning to participate in collaborative decision-making processes.

Potential Topics

We carefully select a few Researchers based on topics that uniquely can be explored at the Choza. Previous projects include the exploration of a community Internet Service Provider and a Jathropa crop for an indigenous source of biodiesel. Feel free to propose your own research topic, and below are a list areas to stimulate your thinking:

  • Reconciling progress, technology, and our natural environment;
  • New modes of organizing and human systems;
  • Perspectives on sustainability as applied to multi-planetary species;
  • Permaculture projects for the tropics;
  • Community collectives for internet and infrastructure projects;
  • Sustainable land management, landscaping and erosion prevention;
  • Natural building techniques; and
  • Sustainable energy system design.

Proposal Review

The Choza community prides itself in being idealistic when setting a vision and very practical when setting goals and an action plan for implementation. As we review potential new Researchers, we are looking for that correct combination of big thinking with practical implementation as well as the correct personal chemistry with other Researchers, Fellows and Hosts during your tenure. Below is an overview of some selection criteria:

  • Evidence of ability to execute;
  • A clear proposal with demonstrable outputs, timeline, and an understanding of resources needed, if any;
  • Ability of this work to impact and support the work of others globally;
  • Potential for cross pollination with other projects and spaces;
  • An open source philosophy;
  • Self-reliance, ingenuity and creative problem-solving.


If this sounds like a community you'd like to join, we want to hear from you! The application process is quite straight forward, so just jump in and tell us about yourself!

Step 1: Create a profile on the Embassy Network.

Step 2: Apply to be a Fellow using the application form.

Step 3: As a community, the Choza Core team will review your application and we'll get back to you! Responses take a couple of weeks for the first review, and we may get back to you to expand on some items for greater insight into your research.

Step 4: If you are accepted make a reservation request online via your Embassy Network profile. Please note it is important that you clearly state that you are applying for the Fellowship Program so we don’t book you in as a guest! Remember that the Choza is a hilly environment so please contact us beforehand if you have a physical disability which we need to be aware of.

Any questions? Send us an email.

Find your favorite location to call your own and set up shop for the day. Here is the view from Empirical Point.

Brainstorm by your self or with others with the context of a rural jungle for inspiration. This is an image after the Core Team brainstormed this very Research Program.

A mix between Hosts, Researchers and Guests enjoy an ad hoc collaboration session.

To kick off a week together, Hosts, Researchers and Guests set out their intention for the week. This helps to declare ones projects and invite others to collaborate.

Another spot to claim your own. The Studio is on the highest portion of the property with a peak-a-boo view to the ocean (as well as line-of-sight for the internet).