Host Program

By joining the Choza as a Host you will be part of a team responsible for overseeing guest programs, on-site projects and integration with the local Costa Rican community. Hosts work in pairs at Choza Del Mundo for 3.5 months. Come share your welcoming nature, your drive for community and light demeanor with us!

Host Overview

The Host program anchors the Choza community. This team is bonded remotely year-round. Every quarter, at least two individuals will be on-site in Costa Rica to run the Choza programs. The Hosts set our tempo and culture, so we are looking for individuals that are diverse in their passions, skills and contributions, and that together with remote members, form a strong, resilient team.

About You

We are looking for hardy, self-reliant individuals that enjoy meeting and getting to know a variety of people. Ideal hosts will enjoy communicating and soliciting feedback, both on-line and in person, and will actively participate in collaborative decision-making processes. They will enjoy communal cooking, supporting others and creating connections between individuals Hosts should enjoy creating experiences for our guests, by paying attention to the details necessary to make the experience an enjoyable one. You will be our link to the local community, so spending time to host neighbors for coffee, participating in community meetings, and being aware of our influence on the community around the Choza is paramount. We consciously want to be part of the local community and to learn from the generations before us for thriving in a rural jungle agricultural lifestyle.

The host role is not a full time job but a comes first role. Some days between the chickens running around and going through laundry, cleaning bathrooms and setting up rooms for guest arrivals, it may be-- but as a general rule, there is plenty of time to pursue your own projects as well. We’re excited for what hosts bring of their own passions and goals, and how that will fit into life at the Choza and the broader Choza team. The Choza is part of an ecosystem of community spaces, with very much a whole-person approach to collaboration. We encourage potential hosts to let us know how their other projects might fit into and be supported by the broader team, and vice versa.

Host Responsibilities

  • Manage guest stay requests, email communications, and applications for the research and fellowship programs;
  • Prepare rooms for guests, ensure that all spaces are clean and tidy;
  • Light weight facilitation and experience design for guests, researchers and fellows, on-boarding to cultural norms of the Choza and the local community;
  • Facilitate guest inductions, opening sessions, regular ‘check-ins’ and adventures in the local area;
  • Support the implementation of local community events and outreach with local farms and neighbors;
  • Ensure all guests have a bounty of food, either farmed from the land and/or perform grocery runs as and when needed;
  • Look after our animals: currently hens, a rooster, a dog and a cat :) ;
  • Support on-going farming and construction projects on-site;
  • Exploration of current processes and improving systems; and
  • Provide regular updates to the entire Choza Host Team and broader social media community.


If this sounds like a community you'd like to join, we want to hear from you! The application process is quite straight forward, so just jump in and tell us about yourself!

Step 1: Create a profile on the Embassy Network.

Step 2: Apply to be a Host using the application form.

Step 3: As a community, the Choza Hosts and the Choza Core team will then review your application and we'll get back to you! If you are not accepted this time around we recommend you try again in the future. We will also keep your details on file, if you wish to be notified of any additional hosting places within the Embassy Network.

Step 4: We will schedule a time to speak with selected applicants. We want to know why this is a good fit at your personal juncture in life and how your goals align with the Choza and its projects. Should we choose to do this together, we will determine the timeframe for your hosting period and invite you to the Host team!

Any questions? Send us an email.

Tomatoes are planted in various locations on the Choza property where there are fresh tomatoes approximately one month every two months year-round.

A guests room is turned over, assembled and awaiting a welcoming, comfortable experience at the Choza. Hosts should enjoy the experience design for guests so their initial experience eases them into the Choza Life.

A typical lunch of mangos, gallo pinto (a typical Costa Rican cuisine of black beans, rice, peppers and onions) and fried plantains. Mangos, peppers and plantains are all grown on the Choza property.

An ephemeral display of fresh fruit and foliage at the center of the Studio to kick off a weeks for new guests.

Fresh cows milk cheese, made from a farm 2km away from the Choza.