Inspired by the power of being in the same place to advance projects and collaborations, the Choza property was purchased in 2005 with the goal of providing a permanent spot for creatives, professionals and modern nomads to collaborate and reflect on new approaches to societal challenges.

We strive to provide a culture where people experience a more direct reliance on and connection with the land through project space, while inviting progressive and futures-oriented approaches to sustainability. Many of the systems we take for granted in large cities do not exist here - recycling services, the ability to go to a grocery or hardware store, and even regular postal delivery.

We find that this provides a provocative context from which to contemplate where these systems come from and how we might design them anew.

The founding members of La Choza combine scientific backgrounds with a passion for sustainability and collaboration. Our values include:

Governance and Management

Longer term fellows and researchers are invited to get involved in planning and decision making for the property. We have an online discussion forum with current and remote community members where broader discussion of plans and development takes place, and this is open to those who would like to engage on this level

Become a Friend of La Choza

Friends contribute a $1000 annual contribution. This includes 1 week a year at the Choza for yourself or others. The remainder of Friends' contributions may be recognized as tax-deductible donations.

Friends contribute ideas and provide feedback on development of the community and projects, primarily through our Loomio group. Annual gatherings at the Choza for Friends and their extended community provide an opportunity to connect with each other and experience the benefits of the Choza to provide the spaciousness necessary for reflection, connection and collaboration.

If you are interested in exploring this with us, please get in touch.