The flagship location in the Embassy Network, the Embassy San Francisco is an experiment in creating a home built around purpose, intention, and exploration.


We've been very busy over the summer with some exciting projects around house governance, reinstating salons and even starting to do some movie nights. Ask us about it!

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Travel and always be at Home! The Embassy Network offers long- and short-term accommodations for modern nomads and creatives who travel the world for work, projects and collaborations.

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We host salons, community dinners, skillshares, workshops and various one-off events. Hear about upcoming events on our mailing list, or get a sampling through browsing upcoming events.

Health, wellness, and social impact nerd. Aspiring polymath. Constant reader. Procrastinating writer. Movement junkie.

... Alex Kopelyan

I'm a Bostonian at heart but work brought me west. Love travel, good food, and most of all good people. San Francisco is technically home now, but work travel takes me on the road 50%+ of my time. I like ...

... Becca Dewey

Space policy adviser with background in physics and ethics. I thrive on team activities that produce valuable results and on connections across boundaries.

... Kate Becker

antitheses cities/nowhere - synthetic/natural - discover hidden details in cities spaces - hiking above timberline - live concerts - exploring new music - being on the road - walking for hours - attracted by hidden contradictions of our social lifeworld ...

... Lucie Waschke

Neuroscientist and designer who makes brain computer interface products. I'm founder of InteraXon (we make Muse). Live in Toronto, am lured to SF usually once a month for friends, speaking gigs at conferences and general awesomeness.

... Ariel Garten

artist, writer, trashmonger -- vegan -- moon enthusiast -- genderqueer (no pronouns please; just cedar)

... Cedar Q Waxwing

London born and bred, I have relinquished my some what boaty background to join the Embassy on solid ground. I am neuroscientist by day (actually, all the time) at UCSF. My work focuses on how the brain controls complex voluntary ...

... Zarinah Agnew

I'm Masaaki from San Francisco, originally from Tokyo. I'm a digital nomad, entrepreneur, designer, full-stack developer. I love travel, nature, city, history, philosophy, physics, music.. I'm bored and raised in Tokyo where you can see good mix of Japanese culture ...

... Masaaki Furuki

A couple from Copenhagen (one Dane, one Irish) on a road trip from Texas. Both are PhD candidates, James is an anthropologist and Laura is an education researcher. James likes to write and Laura likes to cook, both are open ...

... Laura & James Høvsgaard Maguire

Front end web engineer for the startup! I have a menagerie of pets (3 cats, 1 dog), love trying new foods, and enjoy playing video & board games in my off time.

... Melissa Ward

My name is Creon.

... Creon Levit

Space geek turned computer scientist reinventing human settlements on a planet called Earth (so far).

... Jessy Kate Schingler

Student of aesthetics and politics; photographic-sculptural praxis; essayist; archivist; pseudo-scientist. Spatial investigations into urban planning, architecture, and infrastructure.

... Laurel Rogers

I like to think about Software, Thinking Machines, Cognitive Science, Group and Team Dynamics, Leadership Development, Adult Developmental Psychology, Wind, Weather, and flying various kinds of unpowered and powered aircraft.

... Daniel Barcay

I enjoy rethinking societal structures and the role that technology, tools, and information can recast a more desirable future. I am an advocate for coliving, open data, and open government and believe there is no difference between work, live, and ...

... Robbie Schingler

Gov geek interested in prototyping governance, revitalizing cities and in search of #badass hackers and hustlers to write about

... Shannon Spanhake

Bay Area native and socially-motivated critical theorist with an interest in urbanism, philosophy, political theory and economic history. I'm particularly involved with post/neo-Marxist theory, with an emphasis on Gilles Deleuze. I have been working on the theoretical possibility of creating ...

... Eric Rogers

Tony is a recovering lawyer turned social entrepreneur building a platform technology for lawyers to create online communities of practice, called LawGives. He grew up as a geeky Chinese kid in England, and escaped to California a few years ago ...

... Tony Lai

I'm at Google working on design ethics, that is how the design of technology products, and the systemic incentives that create them, affect our wellbeing in positive and negative ways. I am a recovering entrepreneur, big thinker, futurist, amateur philosopher...

... Tristan Harris

Just another soulless atheist in search of world peace and harmony.

... Will Marshall

Easy going and happy couple from England. We have been traveling the world since April 2015 and don't plan to stop anytime soon! I, Katie, come from a charity back ground designing youth programmes, community cohesion schemes and government policy. ...

... Katie+Marc Marple


... Cosmo Cosmo

I'm interested in the intersection of science, technology, and design. I did a PhD in chemical biology, where I engineered antibodies to hack the immune system and kill cancer cells. Now, I'm at a startup building an automated robotic lab ...

... Jun Axup