Embassy Meeting Of Minds: "Cultural Appropriation - Is It Always A Bad Thing For Society?"

Thu Jan 14 8 PM until 10:30 PM , Embassy SF

Organized by Eric Rogers, Zarinah Agnew

"Cultural appropriation is a sociological concept which views the adoption or use of elements of one culture by members of a different culture as a largely negative phenomenon. This is largely seen to be the case when it is the aspects of an oppressed culture that is being adopted by another less oppressed culture”.

It’s common to see blanket arguments against cultural appropriation. But does anyone really have the right to own an idea? What are the actual harms that certain forms of cultural appropriation can leave on oppressed or minority groups, and might there be forms of cultural appropriation that are less bad than others? In fact, is there a valid argument for supporting cultural or racial appropriation? If we accept transgender culture why are we so disturbed by transracial movements? What are the moral motives underlying these asymmetrical norms?

Come and join us for a lively discussion and critical inspection of this topic. Drinks and doors at 8pm, discussion begins a 8.30pm.

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