Emom: Is Everything We Think We Know About Addiction Wrong?

Thu Nov 16 8 PM until 10:30 PM , The Embassy, 399 Webster St.

Organized by Lou Viquerat de Kerhuelvez, Stephanie Lacy-Price

Addiction is a biological process by which repeated exposure to an addictive stimulus (a substance, a drug, a behavior) fosters the compulsive and increasing use of said stimulus despite adverse consequences.

...Or is it?

Could addiction be first and foremost a psychosocial phenomenon?
Could addiction be a way humans adapt to extreme social dislocation?
And if it were, what would be the ethical implications on the current perception and treatment of addicts?

We will start questioning what we know about addiction in the light of Bruce Alexander's "Rat Park" experiments', then examine the research showing that, when socially integrated societies are fragmented by internal or external forces, addiction of all sorts increase dramatically.

The rest of the night will be for attendees to share their knowledge and experiences about addiction in a safe, accepting space.

Read the Rat Park comic by Stuart McMillen, or watch Kurzgesagt's youtube video on Addiction for an overview of the topic.

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