Emom: Let's Talk About Gravitational Waves

Thu Nov 9 8 PM until 10:30 PM , The Embassy, 399 Webster St. San Francisco

Organized by Dan Girshovich, Lou de Kerhuelvez

Mid-October, one of the most exciting experimental discoveries of our time was announced: The multi-instrument detection of two neutron stars colliding, including a detection by LIGO of the gravitational wave emission. Here's why it's important:

- We can actually see the light corresponding to this gravitational wave event, which means LIGO really works! Simulated gravity waves can be heard here.

- We now know where heavy metals like gold come from: they are forged in the powerful explosions of neutron star collisions. Supernovas don't have enough game.

- The mysterious cause of gamma ray bursts (terrifyingly powerful blasts of radiation we sometimes see) is now known to be neutron star collisions. Fear here.

Join us for a lively discussion! Doors at 8pm, talk begins at 8.30pm on the dot. Suggested donation is $5. We provide free in house childcare at all our events, drop us a line if you would like to make use of this service.
Feel free to bring wine, snacks, anything you'd like.

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