Ch. 3. The Future Of Trauma

Fri Dec 7 7 PM until 9 PM , The Embassy, 399 Webster St.

Organized by Lou de Kerhuelvez

The goal of this discussion is to explain and depathologize the causes and symptoms of trauma, both acute trauma (e.g., car accident, sexual assault) and developmental/relational trauma (e.g., childhood abandonment, emotional neglect).

Trauma is epidemic and widely misunderstood, which leads to judgment of self and others, lapses in empathy, and the perpetuation of erroneous beliefs and problematic behavioral and relational patterns that could otherwise be resolved if we understood more about the nature of trauma and its effects on the body.

We will also introduce some treatment options and routes for self-care that can help resolve the effects of trauma. The ultimate goal is to teach us all how to be better supports for ourselves and our loved ones in our experiences of pain and adversity, and ultimately to cultivate more compassion and loving-kindness overall.

Cary Ann Rosko is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in downtown SF where she focuses her practice on the treatment of anxiety and trauma using a holistic, integrative approach. The central belief that guides her work is that we are all inclined towards wholeness and steered by survival. She is passionate about depathologizing the symptoms and effects of trauma, noting that our most challenging or painful habits began as strategies that helped us survive in the past. Cary is also a performing artist who enjoys a theatre career that spans multiple genres, from opera to straight plays. The intersection of music, theatre, and human development is an endless source of fascination that informs all her work and supports her as she guides others along their inner landscapes in pursuit of deeper truths.

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