Ch. 5 The Future Of Ontology

Wed Feb 13 7 PM until 9 PM , The Embassy, 399 Webster St.

Organized by Christopher Bisignani, Lou de Kerhuelvez

Ontology is the branch of metaphysics dealing with the nature of being. As our epistemic sources are increasingly systematized, as top-level abstract concepts with concrete implications proliferate, as we become increasingly entrenched in a post-post-...-post-modern milieu, what is the effect on the foundations of our metaphysical substrate.

The spiral into complete digitization of our daily lives is creating micro-representations at the same time that our global awareness has alarmingly brought our attention to apocalyptic macro-objects such as global warming, globalization, international terrorism, the global trend towards authoritarianism, etc.

Topics to be discussed:
- The effect of “like” on our categories of knowledge. What are “likeable” objects and “unlikeable” objects.
- The “scale” of ontology and how it is changing: hyper-objects and micro-objects.
- Categorical knowledge vs. embodied knowledge (deep ontology vs. deep AI)
- The limits of formal representability
- Knowledge bases and knowledge ownership
- The future of Wisdom
- Representational debt

No spectator - everyone is a speaker.

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