Ch. 6 The Future Of Speciesism

Thu Mar 14 7 PM until 9 PM , The Embassy SF, 399 Webster St.

Organized by Lou de Kerhuelvez

Science has provided us with the fact that non-human animals are sentient, meaning that they experience sensations such as pain and suffering, or pleasure and comfort. This notion is fairly new and has to overcome hundreds of years of believing and acting like animals are objects. In a world where population is constantly growing and social justice is shifting, more and more light is shed on animal rights. And a lot of problems arise, both from philosophical and practical standpoints. So where do we go from here? Why do we still differentiate our relationship with our pets from our that of other animals? What place do non-human animals have in the future of our planet? Will we keep holding the human species above all other species? Why is the animal rights movement deeply linked with the preservation of the environment? What form should this movement take?

The main topics we will discuss are:

The notion of sentience.
Speciesism and anti-speciesism.
The environmental impact of consuming animal products.
How our daily life affects animals, and vice-versa.
What rights animals currently have, and how are they enforced.
Which animal rights should exist, and how can we enforce them.
How we can extend our compassion to all beings.

The Future of X salon series:
What are the essential parameters we need to tweak in order to shape the society to come? The idea is to invite our community to help us build the future we want. In order to create the change we want to see in the world, we break down our possible futures into sub-categories and examine for each one possible positive paths to steer it toward.

Everyone is invited to debate ideas and discuss, socratic style.
Format of the salons is usually:
20-30 minutes: intro, definition, concepts.
20-30 minutes problems: what’s preventing us to do better here? What are the obstacles to progress, main failure modes, etc
30-40 minutes solutions: breakout groups (or not) to look together for solutions, possible action items

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