Implications Of Ai On The Well-Being Of Communities

Sat Jun 1 7 PM until 8:30 PM , The Embassy, 399 Webster St. SF

Organized by Bogdana Rakova, Lou de Kerhuelvez

AI-driven systems have become part of our everyday world. They are increasingly changing how we interact with each other, our access to opportunities, as well as our rights and liberties. With the little AirPod earbud in our ears we are all starting to look and act more like cyborgs and becoming more like a cyborg society driven by AI algorithms. Is that good or bad for our well-being? Beginning from the invention of fire, all technical innovations have always had the potential to be used for good and bad. Thus, powerful technologies easily become a double edged sword. On one hand, the challenges of Climate Change could perhaps be solved with AI technologies. On the other hand, the platform economies empowered by AI systems seem to be reducing our rights as human beings.

In an open discussion we will show how our team is working in different ways to help AI projects to support community well-being, and happiness of individuals. Most importantly, we would like to hear from you. What do you think? How is AI touching your life - now and in the future? What do you do for your well-being and happiness in the automated society? What can we all do now?

- Laura Musikanski, chair of the IEEE P7010 working group developing a standard on Well-being Metrics for Autonomous and Intelligent Systems, founder & executive director of Happiness Alliance
- Sari Stenfors, PhD, cyborg anthropologist, futurist, and AI and blockchain researcher. Serial social entrepreneur. Working on building happy digital societies.
- Jim Bradbury, PhD, retired physicist who performed energy and medical related research at Los Alamos Laboratory, and current member of the board member of Happiness Alliance
- Bobi Rakova, researcher in the field of ethics and governance of AI and automated systems that are already being used by tech companies and governments.

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