Introducing Intelligent Textbooks With Dr. Vinay Chaudhri

Thu Sep 5 7:30 PM until 9 PM , 399 Webster St

Organized by Dan Girshovich

An AI-enabled book is our trusted companion in learning. As a digital book, it not only understands the content of the book, but it understands, what we have learned. It does so by answering our questions, and asking us questions. It is a book that comes alive when we interact with it, and has a Marauder's Map of where we are. Most of all, it is a book that we can all play with.

Dr. Vinay Chaudhri is formerly a program director of the AI lab at SRI International, and currently affiliated with Sanford University. He has devoted his career to creating intelligence in programs that is driven by explicit symbolic representation of knowledge. In addition to intelligent books, he has applied these techniques to digital personal assistants, and legal contracts. He has been involved in promoting and teaching logic, logic programming and knowledge representation.

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