Queer Women* And Non-Binary Mixer

Fri Sep 20 7 PM until 10 PM , 399 Webster St, San Francisco, CA 94117

Organized by Andrea Martinez

Want to meet other queer women and GNC folks without going to a bar, or joining a rugby or derby team? Join us for a monthly Queer Women* and Non-binary Mixer !

Optional this month: Bring a queer / heteronormativity shattering / gender deconstructing fun fact that you've learned... or just a fun fun fact.

*This space is created by and for anyone who identifies as female, trans or gender non conforming end of the gender spectrum and is on the queer end of the sexual orientation spectrum. All gender expressions welcome.
Allies please be mindful of not taking up this space if you are not of these identities. We trust everyone to choose if this event applies to them.

This event has limited RSVPs

18 of 30 spots remaining
Aeon Niebo
Andrea Martinez
Finn Phoenix
Galina Meyer
Irena Martinez
Jess Ziganti
Karen Schwartz
Lyn Levenick
Natasha Arnold
Patty Nunez
Presly Mellor
Ray M