The Long Mind: Experiments In Freedom Of Thought

Thu Jan 23 6:30 PM until 8:30 PM , Embassy Network, 399 Webster Street, San Francisco

Organized by Anika Saigal

After an introduction to define terms, we'll dive into a conversational salon exploring these questions:
- What institutional forces shape our interests, desires, and concepts of progress?
- What are the implications for society and for our collective human intelligence?
- In what ways can we experiment in crafting counterpersuasive mechanisms and narratives for cognitive liberty and sovereignty of mind?

Anika runs the Long Mind - a residency program starting in Fall 2020. The residency convenes philosophers, artists and engineers to collaborate on raising the concept of cognitive liberty in public discourse; developing a cultural norm of valuing freedom of thought; and experimenting with media and technology that facilitates agency in how we're collectively influenced.


1 attended.
Anika Saigal