Upcoming Events

March 1, 2018, 7 p.m. - March 1, 2018, 10:30 p.m.

6:30-7 - Mingle
7-8:30 - Screening

Written and directed by Steve Fagin
Executive Producer: Willard Morgan
Producer: Marie van Eersel
Videos, sound and light design: Nicholas Motyka
Editor and Videography: Kevin Van Witt
Production assistant: Ava Kapetanakis & Danny Ballester
Sets: Marie van Eersel, Mo Pepin, Mayra Mejia Aguilo & Shaina Yang
Performers: Anna Tempte, Jack Romano ,Juliet Garrett, Larry
Gutman,Madona Irema ,Omar Sangare and Volney Stefflre

March 2, 2018, 7 p.m. - March 2, 2018, 10 p.m.

This is a space to learn about and engage with members of your community in a deeper way.

If you are interested in telling a story, you can read more about the event and fill out the interest form here: https://tinyurl.com/y9j98ha7

Otherwise, come prepared to listen to others tell theirs.

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