Haiti Communitere (HC), which stands for Communities United in Response, Relief and Renewal, is a Haiti-based organization that strives for local and international groups to operate as a community increasing capacity and streamlining logistical operations. . HC partners operate in a shared overhead environment allowing their focus of operations to remain project based. HC continues to respond to the observed needs not being addressed on the ground while coordinating a Sustainability Resource Center that fosters creativity and connectivity while inspiring local and international development effort.



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Haiti Communitere has become a part of the Embassy Network's group of hostels, hotels and homes participating in co-living through shared overhead and resources. Our Resource Center was designed and built to provide access to local and international partners offering space, tools and shared knowledge necessary to achieve one's objectives and build successful projects.

Stay with Us

Our Resource Center offers a workshop stocked with tools, conference room, computer lab, storage and office space as well as accommodations (tents to dorm style to individual houses w/ shared facilities), which make it a great launch pad to get a start in Haiti. Whether it is a project, volunteering, creating a social enterprise or just passing through, HC is a great space.


Summer is begininng ,and we are expecting increased activity on the base with our friends and partners, both new and old. Tune in for opportunities to serve, learn, or join in on a party, BBQ and maybe some live music.