The Red Victorian is a coliving hotel, hostel, and urban collaboration space for creative thinkers and innovators.

This is not your typical hotel! This is an immersive, experimental, mixed-use space with a diverse cross section of people from around the world coming here to work on projects, see the city, find collaborators, and create the world they seek.

We ask you to fill out a profile so we can share that information about what you're up to with other guests and residents, facilitating interactions and collaborations. While here, we invite you to attend and host your own events, from talks to skillshares to art shows or joint dinners. This is a participatory space, and we hope it will be a platform for your creative projects and ideas. What do you want to create?


Our first rooms open on September 1! You can follow our renovation progress on our blog or create an account to receive notifications of upcoming events. Questions about the transition? Email


The hotel has 20 rooms, which offer short-term stays as well as a membership options. Come stay with us and make this your home base! Bring your ideas and energy, and expect to encounter the same from others.

Stay with us!


We've got some fun projects up our sleeve coming up this fall... stay tuned for more and don't forget to check out our events page for details on upcoming events.

Upcoming Events

I'm a designer and front-end dev from Melbourne, Australia. I manage a small design team for a company that builds rails and javascript web apps. Used to work in film and illustration before moving to web. Love travel, blues and ...

... Joelle Peters

I´m german and I study graphic design at the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design in Germany.

... Lena Rossbach

UO grad student

... Shannon Barry

Master's student

... Carrie Morton

Graduate student at the University of Oregon studying Arts Management.

... Laurette Garner

I'm a masters student at the University of Oregon, studying Arts Administration.

... Lena Freeman

I am work at Enlitic developing deep learning algorithms for medical imagery. Also,

... Nathaniel Sauder

My friend and I are both health care professionals. We attended the same university and were roommates throughout university. We have since relocated to different cities and live in different provinces in Canada, but we have maintained our friendship and ...

... Jacquie85 Wells

My name is Chelsey Thornton and I am a graduate student at the University of Oregon.

... Chelsey Thornton

Molly's mom!

... Paulette Johnson

#Entrepreneur. Love helping people lead a healthier and happier life. I enjoy living a healthy and balanced life, love trying new recipes, yoga, working out and meeting new people. Seeking social innovation opportunities.

... Carolyn Lowe

University of Oregon Graduate Student in the Arts & Administration Program

... Stacey Ray

Founder Lillend sP Group, LLC a business promoting environmental sustainability.

... Richard Ferchaud

i am a student from NY who loves SF. stayed at Red Vic before transformation in 2013.

... Gabriela Billini

graduated in management engineering with a thesis on the use of artificial intelligence in complex system. Project manager in the network contract between pharmacies farm @ net (among the first in Italy)

... Valentino Moretto

Canadian who adores San Francisco completely. Lover of vintage clothing, avid writer, and peaceful soul.

... Madeline Lines

degree in business management with a final work study on innovative waste management. passionate about ICT and innovation technologies.

... Valentina Biondi

graduate in management engineering, with a keen interest in open and collaborative innovation and environmental issues.

... Tecla Romano

degree in management of touristic and cultural activities. for years he has been involved in environmental education projects promoting processes of inclusion and social interaction.

... Umberto Cataldo

graduated in management engineering interested in ICT's open innovation and smart community. she participated in the development of projects of applied research and technology transfer to business networks and in the wirting of national and european projects.

... Fabiana De Santis

Graduate in Computer Engineering, worked for a well known IT consulting company in the IT/Telco. After having a matured experience in an international context decides to point to the south devoting to innovation in her hometown.

... Mariagrazia Rodano

Graduated in Telecommunications Engineering, he worked in the design and characterization of microelectronic devices (MEMS, etc.) It posses the Ham Radio qualification certified by the Ministry of Communications.

... Daniele Papadia

Telecommunications engineer with working experience in software development and real-time software analysis. expert in signal processing, networks and telecommunications systems.

... Bruno Centrone

graduated in medical engineering. he achieved a master's degree in ICT innovation and cloud computing in telecom italia. both experiences have allowed to increase his knowledge in the field of ICT applied to the public administration.

... Carlo De Sanctis

graduated in marketing and communication with a training course about software open source for e-commerce, he collaborated as "dialoguer" with UNHCR.

... Mario Barile

Graduate in Business Management. For years she has worked on the research for sustainable environmental and economic models.

... Maria Grazia Rosa

degree in business administration and accounting management, chartered accountant and PhD in business administration relating to business combinations, including business networks and public-private partnerships.

... Rosaria Lovecchio

graduated in computer science, collaborated with IDA LAB IDentification automation laboratory- department of innovation engineering, university of salento on a european project on food traceability based on RFID and NFC technologies.

... Francesco Simone

graduated in business management. She worked for an ICT company in London since 2012 and she has collaborated with a research team of engineering for innovation faculty, university of salento dealing with digital technologies for education area.

... Giulia Antonucci

It probably says a lot about me that I can't figure out how to make this photo right side up. We are in our mid-60's, loving life each day more than the prior one. Passionate about our family, the earth, ...

... Barbara Hermansen

I'm a sophomore computer science major at Vanderbilt University traveling with Alternative

... John Lally

Hi! I'm Erika. A wanderer, mystic, cyclist, techno lover and teacher of yoga. I've lived in many different places--Berlin, Tel Aviv, LA, New York, Boston, and now am based in Seattle, my hometown. I am interested in learning to experience ...

... Erika Ramberg

I am a chemist

... Jacqueline Fries

I'm currently a sophomore at Vanderbilt University majoring in Elementary Education and Child Studies. I was born in Los Angeles but moved to Oklahoma when I was four months old and lived there until I moved to Nashville to attend ...

... Jessica Lau

I am a senior at Vanderbilt University, majoring in Human and Organizational Development with minors in music and environmental science. Aside from having mini dance parties with myself, hobbies include running, cooking, and trying to figure out my life. There ...

... Abbie Tolon

I'm a Child Studies major from NYC.

... Hayley Robinson

I am a junior transplant from Los Angeles studying Biomedical Engineering at Vanderbilt University. I like good books and strong coffee.

... Sara Keller

Naeha. 18. Born and raised in California. Interested in solving big problems in creative ways.

... Naeha Haridasa

I'm Brad. I like computer science, Avatar the Last Airbender, and music. My favorite color is yellow. I saw Randy Jackson at an airport once.

... Bradley Faskowitz

I am a Junior at Vanderbilt University majoring in economics and minoring in computer science and corporate strategy. Outside of my classes, I am involved in an organization called Alternative Spring Break, through which I will be spending a week ...

... Kyle Uber

Hi! I'm Jasmine, I'm a junior from Vandy and few things make me happier than eating while watching tv.

... Jasmine Reid

My name is Michael Organ. I am an archivist and historian from Australia. I work at the University of Wollongong Library and my interests range from Fritz Lang's silent film Metropolis 1927, through to J.R.R. Tolkien, Nick Drake, the Austrian ...

... Michael Organ

Ash sakula architects

... Cany Ash

I'm Colton and I'm a carpenter, musician, and cat lover.

... Colton D Shrier

I'm a retired engineer and widower living in Arizona. 2 of my 3 children live around Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco.

... Ray Jones

I'm a sophomore at Vanderbilt University majoring in Economics and minoring in Finance. My interests include traveling, economic research, healthcare, yoga, cooking and teaching music.

... Tina Zhang

Bryan is from New York City and moved to Nashville to attend Vanderbilt University.

... Bryan Stromer

I'm one of the Site Leaders for the Alternative Spring Break group from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. Hobbies/interests/love affairs include: performance, honey mustard, and neutral colored clothing.

... Connor Henderson

Free spirt

... Jayson Rodecker

I am from London, UK. I've just spent the last three months renovating my narrowboat where I live. Most of the time I work in community development in a loose sense of the term. I love sharing meals, walks and ...

... Martha Williams

I'm retired military who loves music, cooking, and SF.

... Todd Davidson

An American who recently arrived in San Francisco after 6+ years in Beijing. I'm interested in organic food and food safety, environmental and energy issues, sustainability, intercultural communication, China issues, and a range of other topics. I have minimalist tendencies, ...

... Alicia Noel

I live in Eugene, Oregon with my wonderful husband and two teenage sons. I am the Tour and Volunteer Coordinator for the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art.

... Summer Knowlton

I'm Marina, and I'm a 21-year-old painting student who goes to Pratt in Brooklyn. I lived in Seattle, Washington for the majority of my life before moving to the East Coast this past year, and I have an immense love ...

... Marina Trujillo

Artist, and boisterous lover of adventure with a penchant for good beer, banjos, bare feet, and blanket forts. . A collector of tattoos, records, recipes, the printed word, and cats. I grew up with dirt on my knees and flowers ...

... Annabelle Lemley

Artist, lgbtq youth counselor, designer of: graphics, 3D models, and all sorts of silly costumery. Studying: Web dev, microcontrollers, & projection mapping. Making all of the things and following the path of most adventure.

... Brittany Ferrero

I'm a musician, artist and student of Urban Planning focused on urban tactical projects. I love dancing, languages and the metaphysical.

... Bisi Obateru

Celestine Johnson is one of the youngest female partners in venture capital. At Innovation Endeavors, she backs interesting renegades solving big market problems that affect the world. Celestine also creates innovation programs to spark emergent innovation ecosystems and builds community ...

... Cee Cee Johnson

I am an entrepreneur, developer, and single malt whiskey fan.

... Daniel Friedman

Emi Watanabe is an industrial designer that is passionate about using design skills for socially impactful projects. Currently she is designing parts for satellites that take daily images of the Earth. Emi has worked for ReAllocate, a non-profit where she ...

... Emi Watanabe

TRAVELED: Australia, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Panama, Philippines, Switzerland, Thailand, The Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, Venezuela LIVED: Argentina, New Zealand, Spain, United States WANTS TO GO: ...

... Gardner Bickford

Space geek turned computer scientist reinventing human settlements on a planet called Earth (so far).

... Jessy Kate Schingler

I'm a UX Designer at Lumosity. I love partner dancing and I'm happy to recommend places to dance.

... Joanna Bresee

Researching the future of everything.

... Bettina Warburg

Hippy with a business habit. Live, work and play are all one and the same. Love building things and supporting passionate people.

... Kyle Stewart

Hi, I’m Megs O’Rorke. My mission is to create more effective solutions to today's biggest challenges. I've created solutions for several SF startups and global corporations like Sony. I'm learning just enough html/css to be dangerous. Let's chat.

... Megs Ororke

I'm a professional copywriter, branding consultant, and producer. I've worked in journalism for 10 years, including three as Culture Editor of the SF Bay Guardian; founded and co-founded three dance troupes, including my baby, the Cheese Puffs; created Insta Mitzvah, ...

... Molly Freedenberg

im a san francisco native 27 years old that's beyond excited to learn from and help launch The Red Victorian as a dynamic co-living community.

... Elizabeth Sevillano

I am an instigator. I am action-oriented and love overcoming challenges to bring about exciting new developments in the way we live, work, and use technology. I bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to every community I engage with ...

... John Mills