The Red Vic is a collaborative, mixed use space. We support creatives to connect and be in action around impactful projects.

Visit to view rooms and apply to stay with us.

We ask you to fill out a profile and encourage you to check out who's staying here, make friends, and collaborate on projects & ideas. While here, we invite you to attend events and host your own, from talks, brainstorms, classes and skillshares to art shows or shared dinners. Come curious. What do you want to create?

Since its inception in 1904, the Red Victorian has been a cornerstone of the Upper Haight and a gathering place for revolutionaries, artists and travelers. The hotel was leased by a new group and renovated in the summer of 2014.The current group remains committed to providing creative, shared space for our guests, residents, and neighbors alike.

Community Co-working & Events

Our ground floor space is open for community use and events! We're open weekdays from 10am-6pm. Come by and say hi, cowork for the day, or ask about hosting an event.

Stay with Us!

The hotel includes rooms priced at 3 tiers: private rooms with bathrooms, private rooms with shared baths, and hostel rooms. All rooms include a sink and vanity.

We offer short- and long-term stays as well as a membership options. Come stay with us and make The Red Vic your home base!

Get Involved

We've got some fun projects up our sleeve... stay connected wherever you are by following us on facebook, meduim, or email if you have thoughts or suggestions.

I am from France, living in SF for 7 years.... for work and fun ! I love the city !

... Leslie Dollet

I'm into all things spiritual (I spend three months at a Zen monastery this year) and I love to talk about yoga and its philosophy. I also teach yoga classes at Sivananda SF. I'm a programmer by nature... and I ...

... Maghnus Mareneck

Young professional living in Toronto Canada. I'm Open to meeting new people across the globe. Open minded and easy going.

... Tav Phan

Social Worker

... Michael Roy

Hi there, my name is Mil short for Milica. I'm from New Zealand and am coming over to beautiful San Francisco to see one of my buddies from Japan get married, can't wait!

... Milica Milenkovic

I'm Maddy, I'm nineteen and I'm currently on my gap year, working to raise money to travel. I'm going on a 4 week long road trip in May from New York to San Francisco :) I'm starting university in September ...

... Maddy Scott

Wayfinder. "Creative directing motivator." Attractor and former. Almost 50 and recently married to my true love, Amy. San Francisco ex-pat living in Denver. Founder of WIRED magazine’s online division and ShopTok, a late-90s era startup. BMan participant since 1994 and ...

... Julie Chiron

I'm a Junior at Tufts majoring in Computer science and primarily interested in AI. I also am a member of Dorm Room Fund, which is a student run VC that invests in student run startups. I love to learn about ...

... Jason Krone

We're hairdressers from Seattle, coming to San Francisco to explore and celebrate Pride. We are vegan/vegetarian feminists.

... Rose Voorhees

Software guy / project lead / manager / creator

... Eric Blossom

From Chicago. I work in San Mateo. I don't sleep much, but i'd like to.

... Darshan Gopi

38 years Traveled more than 15 countries I´m travelholic

... Carla Pavolak

Hospice RN, volunteer firefighter from Sonoma County

... Gabriela Gibson

I am Raluca, a girl of 30 from Romania, who currently lives in Las Vegas. I believe in colors, in healing , in home, in water, in sound, in dark and masculine eyes.

... Raluca Comanelea


... Gary Whitten

I'm a loving, fun person who would like to stay at the Vic and visit a jazz club down the street with my husband.

... Elizabeth Wilson

English Working in SW region

... Graham Harrison

French Couple of 34 years who lives in Nantes (western France). We work in finance and logistics and love to travel the world.

... Flegeo Ludovic

Hi, we're Claire and Winston. We live, love and learn here in San Francisco, 2nd and 3rd generations born and raised in SF. We are adventurers at heart and have authentic appreciation for community.

... Claire Yvonne

Former resident of Haight-Ashbury, watercolor and collage artist, former political activist

... Patrisha Vestey

celebrating recent graduation from Stanford and taking parents around the city for their first time

... Geena Chen

Film student

... Emilio Godinez

ED doctor and anarchist from Melbourne, Australia. I spend my free time reading, being confused and making planning carpentry projects that are way beyond my skills.

... Jeffrey Reinten

I lived in Haight Ashbury 1967-1972. I had a friend who lived at the Jeffery Haight Hotel (1967) now The Red Vic.

... Lynn Hastings

Hi! I'm Wendy, a small town girl from upstate NY who grew up hunting and drinking Bud Light and trying to keep up with her 3 brothers and somehow grew up to be a vegan-feminist-activist-writer and proud mama of two ...

... Wendy Matthews

Merry Prankster

... Milton Rosenberg

Hi, my name is Francis. I'm an active member of the SAFE Network community ( I've been researching ways to build decentralized applications for the last 4 years. I'm very excited about SAFE, IPFS, ZeroNet, Matrix and lots of other ...

... Francis Brunelle

social entrepreneur & tech enthusiast

... Joachim Lohkamp

I (Marlou, on the left) am a PhD student in linguistics and a freelance makeup-artist, and Geert (on the right) is a freelance consultant and a chef!

... Marlou Van Rijn

Firefighter here to visit daughter in Buena Vista Park

... Dave Creek

I'm a New Yorker, a Mom of two wonderful beings, one of whom is Maghnus who is presently living in the Earth Charter room. I love yoga and am currently on my own gap year & spiritual quest.

... Aimee Mareneck

Artist, lgbtq youth counselor, designer of: graphics, 3D models, and all sorts of silly costumery. Studying: Web dev, microcontrollers, & projection mapping. Making all of the things and following the path of most adventure.

... Brittany Ferrero

Hi! We're Taylor and Becca. We're Florida panhandle natives, but we both recently relocated: Taylor to Detroit, MI and Becca to Monterey, CA. We make it a point to meet up at least once a year to spend some quality ...

... Taylor Willbanks

Compulsive learner, change seeker, and believer in people... and data. Definitely believe in data.

... Amy Hrehovcik

Grateful Dead!! And California is awesome.

... Maria Johnson

We're kinda fun - we like music - we hope to have a new experience with you.

... Sherril Shapiro

Kind. Spiritual. Interested.

... Kaelan Ward

I am a 25 year old dude and still living at home. Damn it....

... Marcus Tu

I'm 20 and originally from Los Angeles. Now I live in Connecticut and am excited to spend the summer in San Francisco! I like backpacking - both in the woods and around the world. I like asking questions and cooking. ...

... Alex Simon

I am a yoga teacher in Germany, who is on maternity leave at the moment

... Annette Bachellerie

I'm a poi spinner/club juggler from Brisbane, Australia. Visiting San Francisco for a few days before going to Fire Drums :)

... Kylie Wihardjo

Music producer, acoustic engineer, business owner, gypsy, can't settle or settle down, wannabe yogi, got a thing for stew

... Shelley Uprichard

I am 17 years old and Im going to San Francisco with my mom, Im from Brazil and obcessed about the hippie culture, The Doors, beat generation...!! I also would like to know if this room is in the third ...

... Sofia Carvalho

avid traveler, gardener, and baker. Love to try new things

... Teresa Mccarthy

I am a student at NYU, studying English and Creative Writing, taking time off from school to explore and work in San Francisco. I love to read, write, cook, surf (not well), and do yoga!

... Olivia Wetzel

Nonprofit-tier in Reno, Nevada working to keep our community clean and beautiful!

... Deidre Kennelly

Tactical optimist. San Francisco native, YC alum. Founder, Threadable (acq.) Black Rock City DPW (Man Crew). Zen anarchist. Love travel, either by foot or on two wheels (motorcycle or bicycle). How can I help?

... Aaron Muszalski

Writer, scholar, activist and traveler. I like to read, talk feminism, cook great veggie food.

... Autumn Elizabeth

A mind forever voyaging.

... Chris Hilton

Space geek turned computer scientist reinventing human settlements on a planet called Earth (so far).

... Jessy Kate Schingler

Hippy with a business habit. Live, work and play are all one and the same. Love building things and supporting passionate people.

... Kyle Stewart

I am CEO of a game and toy company

... Kate Nelson

Hi! I'm Max. Grew up in San Diego, went to UC Berkeley, studied Synthetic Biology, working at Autodesk Research. Sometimes I cook, slowly learning the sitar. Love learning new things, evolving myself, and commas.

... Maxwell Bates

My world of architecture and design started when I actually became an environmentalist. All other forms of designs previously learned, became irrelevant comparing to the fact, that today's built environment, the one we humans reside in the globe, operates as ...

... Nino Cakic

Bay Area native and socially-motivated critical theorist with an interest in urbanism, philosophy, political theory and economic history. I'm particularly involved with post/neo-Marxist theory, with an emphasis on Gilles Deleuze. I have been working on the theoretical possibility of creating ...

... Eric Rogers

Creative nerd.

... Stefan Sullivan

I'm Colton and I'm a carpenter, musician, and cat lover.

... Colton D Shrier

I live in Seattle and started Office Nomads, a coworking space on Capitol Hill, about 7 years ago.

... Jacob Sayles

London born and bred, I have relinquished my some what boaty background to join the Embassy on solid ground. I am neuroscientist by day (actually, all the time) at UCSF. My work focuses on how the brain controls complex voluntary ...

... Zarinah Agnew

I'm Matt, a photographer residing in the Bay Area. I like reading and talking to people.

... Matt Wong

It's Naomi - the Bathroom Beautificator! Ive worked with the Red Vic in the past, and am currently working on the mural in the bathroom ;) That's Me!

... Naomi Duben

I'm an activist and artist living in San Francisco, who's passionate about defending and expanding the commons in all of its forms. I was at the EFF for 4 1/2 years but am now working with Shareable as their Campaigns ...

... Maira Sutton