The Red Victorian is a coliving hotel and community gathering space. We support creatives to connect and be in action around impactful projects.

This is not your typical hotel! This is a dynamic, mixed-use space where people come for projects, work and creative endeavors, to explore and share with one another, and to experience a new type of fluid, global, collaborative living.

We ask you to fill out a profile and we share that information with other guests and residents to facilitate interactions and collaborations. While here, we invite you to attend events and host your own, from talks to skillshares to art shows or joint dinners.

This is a participatory space, and we hope it will be a platform for your creative projects and ideas. What do you want to create?

Community Coworking

Our ground floor space is open for community use and events! We're open most days from 10am-6pm. Come by and say hi, cowork for the day, or ask about hosting an event.

Stay with Us

The hotel has 20 rooms. We offer short- and long-term stays as well as a membership options. Come stay with us and make this your home base!

Get Involved

We've got some fun projects up our sleeve coming up this fall... stay tuned for more and don't forget to check out our events page for details on upcoming events.

Lyndsey Smith & Lorelei Ellenburg are two sisters from the great state of Alaska! We love to cross country ski, travel, meet new people, and find ourselves on fabulous adventures! We have warm hearts, infectious laughs, and enjoy a good ...

... Lyndsey/Lorelei Smith/Ellenburg

Im a photographer who loves to travel to get some amazing pictures.

... Priscila Malta

I'm little traveller who like to meet interesting people. I like to enjoy with little things.

... Maxime Wienert

farmer and world traveling daughter and husband

... Wendy West

Andrea Knox and Jez Weston. We are New Zealanders travelling to the US for festivals including the Aerial Dance Festival and Burning Man. Andrea is a research consultant and an aerial dancer with an experimental bent. Jez is a science ...

... Andrea Knox

I am a French traveler who love to discover new cities and people, to speak a foreign language.

... Maxime Bouquet

I'm Lauren, a mid-twenties graphic designer currently living in Chicago, by way of Atlanta, GA. I'm a lover of comedy, yoga, and Eastern religion.

... Lauren Wiginton

Living in Sacramento, love to travel!

... Abby Douglas

Mountain girl, formerly a city girl. Lover of life.

... Eva Eilenberg

A couple of free tree lovers who call a little mountain shack in Australia’s most biodiversity rich area home. I’m a Conservationist, making my little difference in the world whilst Samantha a Designer, journeys to a world where beauty is ...

... Christopher Holt

Alain Legault

... Alain Legault

Susan Avar

... Susan Avar

Diehard knitter, elementary school teacher, and enthusiastic runner, currently living 2 degrees north of the Arctic circle.

... Anna Catherine

Hi guys, I'm the COO of a New Zealand based tech startup specialising in 'New ways to trade' both online and via bricks and mortar retail. I'm here to setup the business in the USA. Currently working from the Kiwi ...

... Brendan Howell

I'm Larissa Koff Muller and I'm 24 years old. I live in São Paulo, Brazil, with may family and cats. I'm a lawyer and work at PepsiCo as a Intellectual Property attorney for PepsiCo in Brazil.

... Larissa Muller

We run and maintain a 600 acre ranch in Texas.

... Ashley Davis

I am registering for my daughter Madeleine who will be attending Outside Lands with a friend and wanted to stay in the Haight as she is perennially upset she wasn't born 45 years earlier

... Eric Gardner

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.

... Amin Shahsavar

Former chef, kitchen designer, writer, orchid enthusiast, traveler

... Marisa Mangani

NYC-based mountain climber, inconstant gardener, local food evangelist, and recruiting ops geek; frequent SF visitor.

... Julia Lowd

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

... Lynn Whitaker

French PhD student in computer sciences with a very frenchy english accent but who love to chat about anything anyway :)

... Caroline Faur

enjoy hiking, camping, the beach, soccer,& listening to various types of music. i believe in mindful presence and the connectivity of mind, body, and spirit. i have been a registered nurse for 30years. my focus is orthopedics, trauma, & case ...

... Veronica (Ronnie) Whiting

Creative, sensitive and fun loving

... Josh Oakley

Identity quest

... Meg Whitaker

Designer. Talker. Laugher. Believer that the same skills and approaches that make great products can (and should) be used to tackle the large, complex problems of our world. Also, New Zealander.

... Steph Bannister

I am Luiza, 25 years old, Brazil. I graduated in architecture and urbanism and studying curative education and social therapy.

... Luiza Barbosa

I am a cognitive neuroscience PhD student from the UK. I love being active and being outdoors, I am a climber and enjoy cycling and going walking. I'm interested in environmental and social issues, I try to live in an ...

... Beth Coad

my name is Luis Lopez , I like walking leisurely United States , this time going a group of friends to enjoy a trip already and we did long frame life

... Raquel Mateo Rodriguez

Two angels traveling from Washington and Oregon. Looking for a beautiful place to rest for the night!

... Janet Richards

Organic farmer, Permaculture designer, traveler, world lover. Off for a little adventure in the desert.

... Andrew Price

Senior Editor for Work Design Magazine

... Natalie Grasso

university instructor

... Tom Walker

I was born and raised in England. I moved to Orlando, Florida for high school and then on to Los Angeles, California for college where I still reside now.

... Hannah Wosskow

I am a person interested in having honest discussions

... Sophia Quraishi

We are long-established British travel writers, specialising in articles on Canada and North America ...we write for national newspapers, magazines etc

... Paul Wade

Max is a collective energy that identifies as a boy, among other things (alien mermaid witch). I'm deeply passionate about the elevation from all that oppresses us. I've had the privilege to grow up in one of the most progressive ...

... Max Baby

Sabrina C. Bittencourt, mother of 3 unschooled children, serial social entrepreneur, nomadic, futuristic. Co-created Escola com Asas (School with Wings) a free crowd learning network, and Bcause Lab an incubator of social business. Directs the international area FANJAC - Fundación ...

... Sabrina De Campos

Hello, My name is Julie and I am addicted to golf! Ever since I watched Jacques Pepin on PBS I love to make omelets every Sunday morning for my family. I came out to CA on vacation in 1999 (from ...

... Julie Krueger

Just another soulless atheist in search of world peace and harmony.

... Will Marshall


... Maud Vallereau

Connector, traveler and learner. I'm both a Dalai Lama Fellow & Byron Fellow and I'm always looking for better ways I can help the people around me and make the this a more compassionate place. I have a systems engineering ...

... Nathalia Scherer

I am traveling to sf and have long wanted to stay at the red victorian

... Jennifer Delson

At the intersection between art and code. Creative background, geek and hacker at heart. Co-founder of Rails Girls Wellington. Burner, dreamer.

... Kelly Kellective

I work in Los Angeles at a television network and love concerts, traveling, running, and playing recreational sports!

... Josh Scarcella

Filmmaker from london

... Georgia Oakley

Active. Adventurous. Authentic. Brave. Capable. Cultured. Caring. Confident. Courageous. Curious. Dependable. Determined. Distinct. Dynamic. Energetic. Enthusiastic. Exceptional. Fascinating. Feisty. Fun. Gutsy. Happy. Hard Working. Healthy. Helpful. Honest. Imaginative. Important. Interesting. Intelligent. Joyful. Kind. Likeable. Lively. Laid Back. Loyal. Magical. Motivated. ...

... Megan Wiskus

I live in New York.

... Jed Greenwald

I am a 20 year old computer science student currently working for IBM in Toronto. I'm a dual Canadian-US citizen. I was originally born in Seattle and lived there for most of my early life. I love playing music and ...

... Stefan Petersen

Fun loving happy dancing couple

... Sophie Oakley

38 years old, married, love San francisco ousidelands festival and have been going for the last few years

... Jeff Witt

I am a fun loving guy. Qualifications: I love fun. I especially enjoy having fun with my friends.

... Andrew Loane

swiss family visitng USA for the first time

... Suzanne Mader

I'm Gestalt psychotherapist in Tournai, Belgium, I like, nature, biking, dancing, music, meditating, meeting new people, discovering new ways of living and better sharing.

... Elisabeth Claeys Bouuaert

Hi! I am a 27 year old female who works in mobile research at Yahoo in NYC.

... Jessica Davidson

Hi! My name is Julie. I'm 27 years old, and I live in New Jersey. I'm in school working on my degree to be a registered dietitian. My hobbies include cooking, crossfit, the outdoors, and trying anything once. I love ...

... Julie Davidson

Born and raised in Cali, love the beach.

... Carol Oboyle

I am an insurance broker for a large firm in Fresno, CA. I am marrying the man of my dreams on April 25th, 2015. We have my daughter, Kalli Ava, who is the light of our lives! Michael is a ...

... Katherine Schneider

Lawyer with an interest in architectural painting.

... Laura Crick

Young married french couple

... Céline Varlet

Happy go lucky mechanical engineer, I love making wacky things and making people smile :)

... Simon Underwood

noni horwitz

... Noni Horwitz

I'm a mental health nurse from London, with dual nationality British/American. currently working in a specialist mental health unit for children. My wife is a medical student, previously working in health policy and health research

... Jack Levine

Washington native, currently NYC resident. I run a national clinical training program in women's health.

... Molly Skinner-Day

My name is Mariana. I was born in Venezuela in 1989, but I've been living in Italy since 2001. I'm currently working for a food startup incubator in Bologna, IT.

... Mariana Mea

20 Years Old, Business & Systems Management Student

... Agustina Yornet

Hello, I'm Romain, I'm 23, live in Paris. I've done a 3 year post A-levels sandwich course in communication. I have worked in a event agency for a year.

... Romain Barrer

Space geek turned computer scientist reinventing human settlements on a planet called Earth (so far).

... Jessy Kate Schingler

Fluent in French and English (with a minimal level of Spanish), I have travelled, lived and gotten lost in several countries. Mainly gotten lost.

... Angelica Montgomery

Communications pro specializing in food & beverage, based in NYC.

... Patricia Clough

I am Tanya. I am originally from Russia, I studied and worked in Japan, where I met my husband (who is from India). I have two children whom I homeschool. We currently live in New Jersey.

... Tanya Kononova

Single dad of 3 daughters

... Alan Gallacher

I'm a permanent traveler. I usually stay for a few months in a place and study to acquire new skills. I've learned tango in Argentina, salsa in Colombia, microbiology in Illinois, riding a motorcycle in Cambodia, ...

... Paul Bohm

Living in the bay area working for a tech company. Enjoy traveling.

... Yigit Yilmaz

Former military brat, former military, current reservist means (for me) very little self expression. Currently working on that. That honestly consists of the entire shaping of my personality, when I look back on it. I'm a bit of a recluse.

... Katherine Rowan

Dog and music loving lawyer dad.

... Daniel Melican

I am PhD researcher based in the UK focusing on the social, technological, and political relations that characterise the infamous San Francisco Renaissance.

... Matt Connolly

I love to snowboard and am always visiting new mountains. Went to college in a small mountain town in Flagstaff, Arizona. I currently work in personal finance.

... Cameron Enriquez

We are brothers John and Alex. We are both active musicians and looking forward to attending the Outside Lands concert.

... John Rusbarsky

I'm 28 years old, living with my beautiful girlfriend. Hobbies include tinkering on my car and traveling with friends.

... Chris Emery

I'm obsessed with music. So much so that I got an MBA in Entertainment Management and left NY at 26 to go intern FOR FREE at The Roxy. I left there and moved to Arizona and now I'm running the ...

... Lauren Allen

I believe I can change the world. Music fills my soul and trees satisfy my heart. Animals are beautiful and we should save them ❤️

... Tony Iger

musician/ editor: into gardening,running, biking, motorcycles, instruments, politics, yoga, environmentalism. Even at a young age I was aware of peace and nonviolence. I signed up to the draft as a conscientious objector to war. I was also in the groundbreaking ...

... Devin Kreider

I'm 27, born and raised in beautiful sunny South Africa, coming to America to meet the game changers and disrupt the business world!

... Kyle Burnett

You can find out ALL about me at

... Bruce Sallan

Food. Stretching. Chatty. Happy. Dogs. Music. SMILES. LOVE.

... Zach Condron

Guy from Montréal

... Antonin Viau

I'm an urban planner who likes to discover new cities.

... Kaven Davignon

Artist, entrepreneur & mom on the path to finding solutions while having fun with the world.

... Asya Abdrahman

Artist, and boisterous lover of adventure with a penchant for good beer, banjos, bare feet, and blanket forts. . A collector of tattoos, records, recipes, the printed word, and cats. I grew up with dirt on my knees and flowers ...

... Annabelle Lemley

I like to think about why people do things. Recently finished a PhD in cardiac stem cell biology north of the border and am currently a visiting scholar at Stanford. I've got an animation company that aims to turn complex ...

... Ben Paylor

Artist, lgbtq youth counselor, designer of: graphics, 3D models, and all sorts of silly costumery. Studying: Web dev, microcontrollers, & projection mapping. Making all of the things and following the path of most adventure.

... Brittany Ferrero

I'm a musician, artist and student of Urban Planning focused on urban tactical projects. I love dancing, languages and the metaphysical.

... Bisi Obateru

A mind forever voyaging.

... Chris Hilton

I'm a San Francisco native that's beyond excited to learn from and help launch The Red Victorian as a dynamic co-living community.

... Elizabeth Sevillano

TRAVELED: Australia, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Panama, Philippines, Switzerland, Thailand, The Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, Venezuela LIVED: Argentina, New Zealand, Spain, United States WANTS TO GO: ...

... Gardner Bickford

Hippy with a business habit. Live, work and play are all one and the same. Love building things and supporting passionate people.

... Kyle Stewart

I'm a professional copywriter, branding consultant, and producer. I've worked in journalism for 10 years, including three as Culture Editor of the SF Bay Guardian; founded and co-founded three dance troupes, including my baby, the Cheese Puffs; created Insta Mitzvah, ...

... Molly Freedenberg

Bay Area native and socially-motivated critical theorist with an interest in urbanism, philosophy, political theory and economic history. I'm particularly involved with post/neo-Marxist theory, with an emphasis on Gilles Deleuze. I have been working on the theoretical possibility of creating ...

... Eric Rogers

I'm Colton and I'm a carpenter, musician, and cat lover.

... Colton D Shrier

London born and bred, I have relinquished my some what boaty background to join the Embassy on solid ground. I am neuroscientist by day (actually, all the time) at UCSF. My work focuses on how the brain controls complex voluntary ...

... Zarinah Agnew

A Yogini, Reiki Master, and Lover of Life. My passion is with community and the power of collective intention to foster a world of universal sister/brotherhood on Earth through practice and play.

... Allison Ritter