The Red Victorian is a coliving hotel, hostel, and urban collaboration space for creative thinkers and innovators.

This is not your typical hotel! This is an immersive, experimental, mixed-use space with a diverse cross section of people from around the world coming here to work on projects, see the city, find collaborators, and create the world they seek.

We ask you to fill out a profile so we can share that information about what you're up to with other guests and residents, facilitating interactions and collaborations. While here, we invite you to attend and host your own events, from talks to skillshares to art shows or joint dinners. This is a participatory space, and we hope it will be a platform for your creative projects and ideas. What do you want to create?


Our ground floor space is open for events and community use! Come by and poke your head in, cowork for the day, or ask about hosting an event! We're open most days from 9am-6pm.


The hotel has 20 rooms, which offer short-term stays as well as a membership options. Come stay with us and make this your home base! Bring your ideas and energy, and expect to encounter the same from others.

Stay with us!


We've got some fun projects up our sleeve coming up this fall... stay tuned for more and don't forget to check out our events page for details on upcoming events.

Upcoming Events

I am an ecologist

... Mirek Sharp

An American who recently arrived in San Francisco after 6+ years in Beijing. I'm interested in organic food and food safety, environmental and energy issues, sustainability, intercultural communication, China issues, and a range of other topics. I have minimalist tendencies, ...

... Alicia Noel

I build LED art and throw big dance parties on the side. Trying to see the world on a motorcycle.

... Viktor Getmanchuk

Ahoj! Here is my short BIO :) : Stáňa is 27-yea-old Czech girl who loves what she does. She was working for the largest non-profit student based organization AIESEC for 6 years. There she developed the passion for creative and ...

... Stana Baslerova

Korean, living in Suwon city with my wife and son.

... Juyong Go

Tokyo-based coffee geek and pirate. Founder of ABC Coffee Club and Make It Creative, a non-profit innovation consultancy. Currently trying to shake things up in Japan with projects like [freespace] Tokyo and Japan's first Coffee Hardware Hackathon!

... Alvin Cheung

Im from the south came here 5 years to live life to the fullest and I am...

... Koben Anderson

Live in Aspen, CO. Esthetician. Studying herbalism with Michael Tierra

... Dion Milliman

I am a gypsy driving across the country giving and volunteering to people in need. Karma on the road.

... Melody Degroat

Toronto-based, socially minded entrepreneur. Presently, I run GrantBook, a social purpose business that helps grantmaking organizations select, implement and manage their digital systems. When I'm not running GrantBook, I play the fiddle with other very amateur musicians and love my ...

... Peter Deitz

My name Is Frank, Ill be staying the the red Victorian for 4 days for educational purposes.

... Frank Zhu

Bert - architect Karen - artist/gallery attendant

... Berton Bremer

I live in Seattle and started Office Nomads, a coworking space on Capitol Hill, about 7 years ago.

... Jacob Sayles

I am a software developer by trade currently working in the industrial automation arena. Birmingham AL is my current home. I am from Alabama but lived in Pasadena CA as a child. I am a single health-minded vegan. I am ...

... David Rubey

Minneapolis MN resident. Work as a psychiatric nurse. Very active outside (lots of camping, hiking, tennis, biking, etc)

... Adrian Strinmoen

I am from London, UK. I've just spent the last three months renovating my narrowboat where I live. Most of the time I work in community development in a loose sense of the term. I love sharing meals, walks and ...

... Martha Williams

30 years old traveling the country and volunteering in as many cities as possible along the way.

... Lindsay Yodice

I am an artist and entrepreneur from Toronto, Canada. Learning to fly.

... Ashley Proctor

I´m german and I study graphic design at the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design in Germany.

... Lena Rossbach

Hello! There are many things to say, but most of all I enjoy putting myself in the boxes of being a creatress, tattoo lover, design thinker, currently a KaosPilot in Switzerland, passionate vegan, business hippie, down-to-earth spiritual, graphic recorder, curious ...

... Anna Fritsche

Kiwi in my mid 20's who is brand new to San Fran. I love travelling the world and exploring new places and cultures. I'm very interested in start-ups and youth entrepreneurship and also how people can collaborate better across borders. ...

... Toby Jordan

I am a stay at home mom w artist/designer background. I used to live in upper haight not long ago and I'm coming back for a well deserved night off w my girlfriends!

... Corrie Franusic

I'm 32 and from Melbourne Australia - I'm creative and like to make things. I'd like to think I'm pretty funny and have a great sense of humour :)

... Kara Donaldson

A raft guide turned tech guru who is just as at home wandering the wilderness as setting up HTTP requests...

... Patrick Mounts

Ashley Beth grew up in a beach town off US Route 1 in Rhode Island. She studied French and pharmacy at the local state university and lived in Rennes, France, near Normandy in Autumn 2010. She has raised awareness for ...

... Ashley Beth Pincins

Mid 50's. Married 2 children. Play tennis, sing in a choir, semi-retired.

... Bruce Swanson

I live in Brooklyn and run a small business that helps social justice organizations navigate the legislative and political landscape in NYC and State. I love riding my bike, cooking good food, and spending time with friends and family.

... Maggie Williams

French 31 yo Living in Paris

... Laura Gallet

Jersey native road trippin from San Francisco to Seattle for my 30th birthday, volunteering in cities along the way

... Melissa Toncic

Marketing and communications consultant. TEDx organizer. Writer. Traveler. Solid face-painting skills.

... Alli Magidsohn

Retired. Artist, music composer, writer.

... John Vosbikian

We have 4 kids, 19, 16, 11 & 6. Both work in education and involved in youth sports.

... Rocio Galvan-Rice


... Kathryn Parker

Just your traditional southern belle and flight risk.

... Katie Jo Whisenant

I am a Londoner who loves technology and the way it is changing every industry in every sector. I currently run an accelerator in London called Level39 and I also work with social entrepreneurs too.

... Adizah Tejani

I live in DC and work on various projects for a stronger Internet, and a more open government.

... Eric Mill

Just another soulless atheist in search of world peace and harmony.

... Will Marshall

Artist, and boisterous lover of adventure with a penchant for good beer, banjos, bare feet, and blanket forts. . A collector of tattoos, records, recipes, the printed word, and cats. I grew up with dirt on my knees and flowers ...

... Annabelle Lemley

Ben is a 4th year PhD candidate in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia focusing on cardiac stem cell biology. He previously completed a Masters of Philosophy at Universiteit Maastricht (NL), a one-year academic exchange to ...

... Ben Paylor

Artist, lgbtq youth counselor, designer of: graphics, 3D models, and all sorts of silly costumery. Studying: Web dev, microcontrollers, & projection mapping. Making all of the things and following the path of most adventure.

... Brittany Ferrero

I'm a musician, artist and student of Urban Planning focused on urban tactical projects. I love dancing, languages and the metaphysical.

... Bisi Obateru

I am an entrepreneur, developer, and single malt whiskey fan.

... Daniel Friedman

im a san francisco native 27 years old that's beyond excited to learn from and help launch The Red Victorian as a dynamic co-living community.

... Elizabeth Sevillano

TRAVELED: Australia, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Panama, Philippines, Switzerland, Thailand, The Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, Venezuela LIVED: Argentina, New Zealand, Spain, United States WANTS TO GO: ...

... Gardner Bickford

Space geek turned computer scientist reinventing human settlements on a planet called Earth (so far).

... Jessy Kate Schingler

Hippy with a business habit. Live, work and play are all one and the same. Love building things and supporting passionate people.

... Kyle Stewart

Hi, I’m Megs O’Rorke. My mission is to create more effective solutions to today's biggest challenges. I've created solutions for several SF startups and global corporations like Sony. I'm learning just enough html/css to be dangerous. Let's chat.

... Megs Ororke

I'm a professional copywriter, branding consultant, and producer. I've worked in journalism for 10 years, including three as Culture Editor of the SF Bay Guardian; founded and co-founded three dance troupes, including my baby, the Cheese Puffs; created Insta Mitzvah, ...

... Molly Freedenberg

I'm Colton and I'm a carpenter, musician, and cat lover.

... Colton D Shrier

I run the Wigg Party, one of the founders of [freespace] and I teach Environmental Studies at University of San Francisco.

... Morgan Fitzgibbons

NOW! is a community-powered festival held bi-annually in the Panhandle neighborhoods.

... Carmen Caruso

Economist turned software developer, currently busy organizing Hackership while traveling the world.

... Anouk Ruhaak

I am a self-taught Software Developer, working freelance and with and for startups. I also advise startups on product and markets and stuff and am also cofounder and chairperson of the OpenTechSchool.

... Benjamin Kampmann

Chief of Communications at Copass & Anthropologist at the University of Oxford.

... Michael Melia

I'm Katie, one half of the Embassy Network Seattle Satellite. I like to design things, watch Science Fiction shows, stare at boats on bodies of water and eat everything delicious. I frequently lose my keys.

... Katie Davis