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The Red Victorian, built in 1904, now houses an intentional community that supports creatives to connect and be in action around impactful projects. We comprise 20-22 residents working to build a rich commons, and a gathering place for revolutionaries, artists and travelers. We offer select visitor spaces that make staying here like coming home to friends & family.

Take a look at our gitbook here for how this community runs.

Come and stay with us:

Redwood Forest Room

Rose Garden Room

Golden Gate Room


Our shared room, Peacock

While here, we invite you to attend events and host your own, from talks, classes and skillshares to music nights, art shows or family dinners. Learn more on our FAQ.


We've been very busy over the summer with some exciting projects. The structure of the collective has undergone a huge change and we are now 22 residents, collectively running a cooperative hotel.

We are focusing on the Red Victorian Lecture Series , Critical Hedonisms, community pot lucks and art shows, and participating in Haight Street Commons!


We offer visitor stays in hostel rooms, as well as private rooms. See available rooms and apply to stay with us in shared rooms by clicking here.

For private rooms, see here.

Get Involved

We've got some fun projects up our sleeve... stay connected wherever you are by following us on facebook, meduim, or email [email protected] if you have thoughts or suggestions.