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Since its inception in 1904, the Red Victorian has been a cornerstone of the Upper Haight and a gathering place for revolutionaries, artists and travelers. This historic building was an important meeting place through the Summer of Love, housing political protests, hippie movements, and Sami Sunchild's artwork, creativity, and conversations around creating world peace. The hotel was leased by a new group and renovated in the summer of 2014.The current group remains committed to providing an inspiring space for our guests, residents, and neighbors alike.

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Calm and curious French-Singaporean gent, passionate about international development and social impact work. I grew up moving from country to country and landed in the city 14 years ago. Since then, I've hopped around working in diverse nonprofits, marketing startups, ...

... Laurent Arribe

Nancy and Al Stewart

... Nancy Westfall

Love music and stuff

... John Mohundro

A geologist from Australia, love travelling, love experienve new and alternate cultures. Wife Janet is a geology PhD student, practicing Shaman and herbalist, traveller, music fan, yoga enthusiast and vegetarian mother of our 18 year old musician son.

... Justin Osborne

We are visual artists from NYC. Between the two of us we make sculptures, photographs, surfboards, and paintings.

... Ellie Krakow

My wife, Amoryn, and I are animal lovers. We do our best to live a compassionate lifestyle. We love art, music, food, and fun. Amoryn is an environmental engineer/hydrologist , and I am in advertising/marketing/PR.

... Peter Smith

My partner, Nikos, and I live in Carlsbad, a beach town in the north county of San Diego, CA. We are students in graphic design and information technology, respectively. We have two dogs at home, enjoy going to the beach, ...

... Lisa Kaats

My name is Sharon Toker Married to Gilead (an Astro-physicist) and Mother of three (Jonathan, Yael and Yaara). I'm an occupational health psychology professor from Israel , Researching and teaching the effects of stress on physical and mental health .

... Sharon Toker

musician/ editor: into gardening,running, biking, motorcycles, instruments, politics, yoga, environmentalism. Even at a young age I was aware of peace and nonviolence. I signed up to the draft as a conscientious objector to war. I was also in the groundbreaking ...

... Devin Kreider

I'm from Perù

... Amparo Murphy

I am originially from Ireland, I've been working abroad in a number of places for a few years. I am currently living in Costa Rica

... Helen Mcguire

we are a couple. vintage, wine & cats lovers. music all the day, vegetarians. we love all the animals except mosquitos.

... Sara Olivieri

We are currently students seeking new adventures and trying to live life to the fullest while we're young! We love music, the city, having fun, making new friends and new experiences. We are excited to go to the city for ...

... Hannah & Gloria K

I'm 20 and originally from Los Angeles. Now I live in Connecticut and am excited to spend the summer in San Francisco! I like backpacking - both in the woods and around the world. I like asking questions and cooking. ...

... Alex Simon

I am a psychotherapist, DJ, activist, and developer of community based responses to families in crisis, amongst other things. Something of an entrepreneurial spirit, channelled towards social change and community development.

... Nick Putman

french family, trying to show the world to our kids, in much different ways as we can

... Omnes Sandrine

I live in NYC now but used to live in Switzerland and before that SF. I was a product manager at Google for several years before I decided I wanted to work on education and quit.

... Christopher Pedregal

Just a mom first and foremost that likes to do day trips and relax from time to time.

... Christy Padilla

we are a couple from New Zealand and will be road tripping around the States, hoping to go camping in various national parks, and eventually drive to the South...

... Kate Tindall

Eben is a comic writer and teacher. Jessica is a designer for a newspaper in Sacramento.

... Jessica Fearnow

My name is Jenna Rodgers, I am the EdTech/STEM Specialist for Lake County. I am an #edufangirl, bad movie aficionado, and dystopian future enthusiast. I deeply believe that education disrupts poverty.

... Jenna Radtke Rodgers

Colin and Dominique. 61-63 years old. English and French couple.

... Colin Pouton

40, gay, friendly

... Joseph Erwin

we are Theodoor Dekker and Annette the Roos from Amsterdam. Have been in the Red Vic in 2009, as you see in the picture with Sammi (Annette and our daughter Lilou next to her) at a breakfast conversation witch made ...

... Annette De Roos

I'm an Australian, heading to the US for the first time to attend the Califorian Art of Mentoring at Navarro. I love being in the bush, singing, gardening, acro balance and hanging out with my 6 year old step son.

... Mel Turnbull

I am a physician working on viral hepatitis in a university hospital in France

... Francois Habersetzer

Sacramento resident

... Colleen Wong

Free spirited looking to meet new people and have great experiences

... Jeff Witt

Frequent traveller, optimist, yogini, capoerista and mostly just a fellow planetarian.

... Janelle Kwong

I am an artist and entrepreneur from Toronto, Canada. Learning to fly.

... Ashley Proctor

Oakland native, working at the SF moma

... Elizabeth Runan

Lives in the East Bay, live music fanatic, loves food and travel and meeting new people. Speaks a couple languages and loves meeting international travelers!

... Alison Denny

I live in Seattle and started Office Nomads, a coworking space on Capitol Hill, about 7 years ago.

... Jacob Sayles

full time nerd, part time geek who has been hacking stuff since 5th grade. After getting degrees in Math and Physics I've worked on a range of projects from top secret death machines to children’s toys. I currently spend a ...

... Scott Kelley

I am a professor for sociology with a specialization in practice theory and place-based social movements

... Robert Schmidt

We are Stephen and Jessica Fowler, we have been together over 5 years now and have a son named William, who is almost 4!

... Stephen Fowler


... Evelyn Pena

26-yr-old College Graduate working in Aerospace Manufacturing

... Ben Paquini

I am a college student and a drummer in several bands. I grew up in Marin and attend Trinity College (a junior).

... Alex Rusbarsky

I am a college student and musician (bass guitar and vocalist). I attend Middlebury College in Vermont.

... John Rusbarsky

I am currently a stay at home mom/volunteer at my children's elementary school and reside in the east east bay, Brentwood. My husband and I are from SF. We met there, fell in love there, got married at city hall, ...

... Jacquelyn Mcvicker

I am Heleen from Amsterdam. I'm coming to SF to start a roadtrip with my boyfriend Nathan to see all the beautiful nature western USA has to offer.

... Heleen Schuster

We live in france near Deutchland. We take our vacation to visit my brother.

... Olivier Coutier

Granddaughter of Sami Sunchild

... Tamara Gomez

My name is Katie and I am an avid concert goer and Star Wars fan/ costumer

... Katie Bober

I am a singer/songwriter from Tempe, AZ, born and raised. I love my town when we're not melting in the summer and I love all forms of art. I've focused on music for the last 18 years but have been ...

... Rusty Wolford

I am a coach from Michigan.

... Stephanie Crisi

We are about 30 years old and love travelling

... Py Ludovic

Mother of three. Ucla graduate living in Manhattan beach ca and working part time. Tennis player, beach volleyball player and avid reader

... Stacy Rusher

I'm French Canadien woman of 34 years and I'm a Graphic Designer.

... Maggy Provencher

Hi, I am Sebastien Leridon, French Designer based in Paris France

... Sebastien Leridon

I'm in my fifth decade of an interesting life. I'm a lawyer by training, but not currently practicing. I served six amazing years in the Obama administration and recently moved to California. Mom to a boy who's become a kind, ...

... Sally Howard

We re a French family who live in Toronto since 8 month and we want to discover California

... Christophe Martin

I work for a non profit in land conservation. Often applying creative thought to land management. Partner is a skilled wood worker and plays multiple instruments.

... Ginger Wojciechowski

I'm an student at the University of Washington studying biology/psychology and hoping to pursue medicine. Love animals, comedy, and beer.

... Aubrey Gower

EE/CS nutcase. If it plugs in, sign me up. Also a sucker for some rather odd sports.

... Rowan Edge

I am a writer, traveler, artist, and organizer with a background in non-profit, community based operations, finance, book-keeping and small event fundraising. I am also the creator of LightFormsART. A study of form and emptiness, Light Forms Art began after ...

... Terra Celeste

I am a student at the University of Washington in Seattle. There is nothing that I enjoy more than hanging out in the sun, listening to good music, and hanging out with cool people. I also like running when I'm ...

... Alison Haugh

I am french and travelling with my brazilian girlfriend through California

... Francois Malbranque

My name is Julie Frechette. I'm 39 years old and I'm a graphic designer from Quebec, Canada. I've been working for the same marketing agency for 17 years. See the link below. It's in french, but you will have an ...

... Julie Frechette

Writer, teacher, philosopher, artist.

... Jessie Beier

I'm not a photographer, or cook, neither model nor unionist. Otherwise, I like to eat, travel, sports and bitching, especially (it's our national sport ... Yes I'm french)

... Arnaud Fertet

Born and raised in New Zealand. Love surfing, music, adventure, and ideas. Instigator behind several great initiatives backing young New Zealanders to unleash their potential to change the world – Inspiring Stories, Festival for the Future, Live the Dream, and ...

... Guy Ryan

I am a nature educator after being a primary school teacher. I love chai tea, gardening, nature arts and playing ukulele (a relative beginner)

... Trudi Bennett

family of four

... Bellanger Romain

I'm a 31 year old primary school teacher passionate about nature connection and theatre arts.

... Daniel Burton

A teacher and environmental scientist with this summer off, I decided kind of spur of the moment to go have an adventure. I love seeing new places and meeting people of different cultures.

... Matthew Fultz

Thomas and Verena

... Thomas Motal

I am a junior majoring in Biochemistry B.S. at Utah State University.

... Natsumi Then Shimazaki

Louise is a secondary school teacher and Jane is a scriptwriter and journalist from the UK.

... Jane Marlow

Tactical optimist. San Francisco native, YC alum. Founder, Threadable (acq.) Black Rock City DPW (Man Crew). Zen anarchist. Love travel, either by foot or on two wheels (motorcycle or bicycle). How can I help?

... Aaron Muszalski

Writer, scholar, activist and traveler. I like to read, talk feminism, cook great veggie food.

... Autumn Elizabeth

Artist, lgbtq youth counselor, designer of: graphics, 3D models, and all sorts of silly costumery. Studying: Web dev, microcontrollers, & projection mapping. Making all of the things and following the path of most adventure.

... Brittany Ferrero

A mind forever voyaging.

... Chris Hilton

Space geek turned computer scientist reinventing human settlements on a planet called Earth (so far).

... Jessy Kate Schingler

Hippy with a business habit. Live, work and play are all one and the same. Love building things and supporting passionate people.

... Kyle Stewart

I am CEO of a game and toy company

... Kate Nelson

Hi! I'm Max. Grew up in San Diego, went to UC Berkeley, studied Synthetic Biology, working at Autodesk Research. Sometimes I cook, slowly learning the sitar. Love learning new things, evolving myself, and commas.

... Maxwell Bates

My world of architecture and design started when I actually became an environmentalist. All other forms of designs previously learned, became irrelevant comparing to the fact, that today's built environment, the one we humans reside in the globe, operates as ...

... Nino Cakic

Bay Area native and socially-motivated critical theorist with an interest in urbanism, philosophy, political theory and economic history. I'm particularly involved with post/neo-Marxist theory, with an emphasis on Gilles Deleuze. I have been working on the theoretical possibility of creating ...

... Eric Rogers

Creative nerd.

... Stefan Sullivan

I'm Colton and I'm a carpenter, musician, and cat lover.

... Colton D Shrier

London born and bred, I have relinquished my some what boaty background to join the Embassy on solid ground. I am neuroscientist by day (actually, all the time) at UCSF. My work focuses on how the brain controls complex voluntary ...

... Zarinah Agnew

Artist, entrepreneur & mom on the path to finding solutions while having fun with the world.

... Asya Abdrahman

Create live events that allow up coming local entertainers opportunity to showcase their talent. Audience members have a chance to win prizes

... Devon Black