Embassy Saba is in a cottage on the smallest island in the Caribbean, where everyone shares rides, drinks rain water, where it's safe for femmebots to walk around in the middle of the night wearing neon lingerie, and where everyone waves at each other as they pass by--whether by car or on foot. A model for conservation efforts and natural disaster recovery, its reefs are among the most pristine on the planet and the island's culture of cooperation offers a site of learning and healing. We're participating with the Hague as locals actively organizing our resources, translating local and governmental sharing processes, and training each other on how to use tools to make sure we maintain access to water and medical supplies in the wake of Hurricane Irma.



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There will be snacks.

There will be fly swatters shaped like lizards.

Come watch planes land on the shortest commercial air strip on earth or co-work or become a chicken farmer or nap or swim with turtles (it's pretty neat) or negotiate a whole-sale agreement for the shipping of goods to the island (whatever seems fun).