Sigil, // pronounced 'sid-jill' // is a fictional city at the center of the multiverse, with portals to every plane and every reality, and inhabitants from all realms. The city of Sigil is a paradox: it touches all planes at once, yet ultimately belongs to none; it is the City of Doors. 

Sigil is home to our Second Life community - an autonomous, self-determined intentional community, built around transformation and empowerment, with and for the formerly incarcerated community, manifesting alternative justices approaches and values.

How our Second Life community came to be


We have been busy getting our house set up, and in the mean time we were featured in this 2 minute film More in Common for ABC

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.. to support the creation of more houses like this, & remember to comment #secondlifehouse for reference

Get Involved

Join us for Dungeons & Dragons, community pot lucks and getting all up in Haight Street Commons!