:: Sigil ::

An intentional community built around transformation and empowerment, with and for the formerly incarcerated community, manifesting alternative justices approaches and values.


:: We believe people's past need not dictate their future
:: We believe that people are capable of organizing themselves for the protection of their own people, and transformation of harmful aspects of society.
:: We believe and support individual autonomy, self determination and self valorization. We trust others to make the best decisions for themselves
:: We are opposed to order arbitrarily imposed and maintained through force or forms of coercion. We work towards an order that results from the consensual and voluntary interaction of individuals.
:: We work together to live out the Embassy network values of openness, consensual engagement, experimentation, and learning and unlearning.
:: Self-care as community Care: it is vital that this home be one with little escalation, thus we encourage everyone to take space when emotion rise up and address issues and conflicts in a calm state. Do whatever you need to do to make sure you are as emotionally and mentally healthy as possible while residing here.