Stournari17 is a large apartment in the centre of Exarchia, Athens, with 3 double bedrooms and a large common area. A meeting point and short term living space for travelling hackers, artists, creative thinkers, activists and community builders coming to Greece.

The apartment has a mix of permanent residents and temporarily housed travellers, 5 people can sleep and share the space comfortably, more can be accommodated.

The large common area is used for community projects and workshops both for local people and for groups gathering temporarily in Athens.

Stournari17 is not for profit and aims to remain a space that supports diverse peoples and projects. All money goes towards costs or back into making the space available and equipped for people to stay at a low cost and to house community projects. Room prices are flexible, with those who can easily pay more invited to do so, so that those who can only pay less can do so. Open accounting and collaborative cobudgetting for residents and regular visitors is in the process of being setup.

Current projects housed at Stournari 17 are:

Recent projects that have passed through or made use of the space:

  • Community Forge
  • unMonastery
  • Embassy Network ;)



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