An intentional community built around transformation and empowerment, with and for the formerly incarcerated community, manifesting alternative justices approaches and values.
The following applies to all residents and guests of Template House, no matter whether you are on parole or not.

P A R O L E . F O R M A L I T I E S

This house is designed around the needs of lifers many of whom are on parole. Shared agreements set up to maximise our chances of looking out for each other in this regard. Bare minimum, this means adhering to the general terms of parole in this space:
:: No weapons (guns, or anything that looks like a real gun, bullets, or any other weapons)
:: No alcohol
:: No drugs
:: No knives/blades except those in the kitchen which must remain in the kitchen :: No illegal activity :: Residents must be aware that parole can come and visit at any time :: Residents should notify housemates of any known parole visitations to increase housemate’s privacy. :: Residents must all be trained and aware of their rights :: Residents can share their parole conditions with each other in order that we are all aware of any special circumstances. :: Residents are required to explain, and hold their guests accountable to these formalities.

G E N E R A L . T E R M S . O F . P A R O L E

:: You, your residence (where you live or stay) and your possessions can be searched at any time of the day or night, with or without a warrant, and with or without a reason, by any parole agent or police officer.
:: You must obey ALL laws.
:: If you break the law, you can be arrested and incarcerated in a county jail even if you do not have any new criminal charges.
:: You must notify your parole agent immediately if you get arrested or get a ticket.
:: You must not be around guns, or anything that looks like a real gun, bullets, or any other weapons.
:: You must not have a knife with a blade longer than two inches except a kitchen knife.
:: Kitchen knives must be kept in your kitchen.
:: Knives you use for work are allowed only when approved by your parole agent but they can only be carried while you are at work or going to and from work. You must ask for a note from your parole agent that approves carrying the knife while going to and from work, and you must carry the note with you at all times.
:: You must not own, use, or have access to any weapon that is prohibited by the California Penal Code.
We encourage each other to share special conditions of parole so that we can look out for each other on these matters.