We value curiosity, analysis, questioning, and engagement. This is not a house for by-standers!
Our greater goal is to create, maintain and diversify the commons. Part of this is experimenting with and learning how to collectively ‘govern’ the commons.

Our theory of change: By living together we maximize financial and temporal efficiency and we can put that extra time and money into projects that support the commons and other social endeavors.

Expanding the local network (funded by our surplus)
Haight St Commons
John Muir School Collaboration
Embassy Restorative Justice Project
Subsidised housing

Building a Local Commons
Our financial commons - within and across house cobudgeting
Communal Wardrobe
Shared Food plans
Car Pooling
Sharing space

Learnings & Writings
Embassy Network Medium posts
Embassy Governance Experiments - experimenting with community governance
Social Observatory - experimenting with community governance
The Communes Research Collective
The Communes reading group - hosted by Discourse (email us for an invite)