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When will my reservation be approved?

Because we are a community, and a home, rather than a regular hotel, we require that everyone who stays with us fill out a profile so we know what you're up to and why you're interested in joining us. Please allow 24 hours for your reservation to be approved. Your reservation is complete only when it has been approved and the stay has been paid for.

What is the cancellation policy?

We aim to be flexible for your changing plans. For reservations that are 4 days or less, with at least 1 week’s notice, we will offer a full refund. With less than 1 week’s notice, we offer an 50% refund or 80% credit to your account for future stays.
For reservations of 5 days - 2 weeks, with at least 30 days notice, we can offer a 80% refund, and within 30 days, can offer a 60% refund or credit to your account.
For reservations of 2-4 weeks, with at least 30 days notice, we can offer a 80% refund, and within 30 days can offer a 50% credit to your account.
For 1 month + reservations, we require 30 days notice of your end date.
These fees reflect probability of lost bookings by having the room blocked off for these durations.

When are check-in and check-out?

Check out is at noon (12:00 PM) so that we have time to turn over the beds for the next guest. Check-in is at 4:00 PM. You are welcome to arrive earlier and use the common spaces or drop off your bags. You are also welcome to leave your bags at the hotel on your departure day after check out.

What should I know about parking, directions, and transportation?

Check out our page on How to Get Here, Parking, and Transportation.

What is the neighborhood like? Is it safe at night?

The Haight-Ashbury is arguably the last existing neighborhood that has retained some of the old San Francisco vibe. It is vibrant, colorful, and full of history, art, music, and radical ideas about the world. Our neighborhood consists of creatives, artisans, small business owners, as well as a community of transient residents who you can often find making art or playing music in the park. The streets are safe at night, though we encourage bringing a friend if you're wandering through the park very late at night. We are located within 2 blocks of 4 different bus (we call them Muni) lines.

What is the deal with food?

We purchase groceries as a house, and guests and residents are welcome to use all of the food. We host a house potluck dinner every Wednesday night, and group meals are always encouraged! There is a separate refrigerator available to store personal items. We ask that everyone leaves the kitchen better than you found it- wash your own dishes +1.

When are quiet hours?

Quiet hours are from 11pm - 8am on weekdays and 12am - 9am on weekends. Please keep your voices down in the hallways and other noise to a minimum during these times. Thanks!

Who are you people?

We are a mix of long term residents (years), medium term (months) and short term guests, as well as community members, volunteers, staff, and event attendees and hosts, and you! Currently, there are about 12 long term residents here. We identify as (including but not limited to): Scientists, artists, software engineers, designers, writers, home makers, carpenters, musicians, environmentalists, LGBTQ & allies, radicals, facilitators, chefs, and perhaps most importantly, a group of compassionate people who are passionate about living and working together intentionally, following out passions, and sharing our home with new people. Who are you?

Is there smoking in the building?

The entire building is a smoke-free environment. You may be asked to leave with no refund if you are found smoking indoors or out of a window. Outside on the sidewalk, away from any open doors, is completely OK!

Are hostels separated by gender?

We do not ask guests to share their gender identity when they apply to stay with us, and are accepting of all genders (male, female, genderqueer, non-binary, and otherwise).

So I'm really welcome to join in any of the activities happening? How do I do that?

Yes! That's the whole point :). If there are events, movies, dinners, or discussions, we welcome you to introduce yourself and participate. As always, be mindful of peoples' personal boundaries and their ability in that moment to share. If someone looks engrossed in their work, perhaps check in with them later!

Can I do laundry on site?

We have two washers and two dryers. You are most welcome to use our laundry machines before noon or after 6pm. We ask that you refrain from doing laundry during the afternoon hours when our cleaners use them for hotel laundry.