As an intentional community, we are dedicated to building a supportive and self-reflective culture around respect and clear communication. By entering into our community we request that you heed these cultural norms. If you have any questions, do please ask! This is also an iterative process and if you have any suggestions or feedback on our process or culture, we’d love to hear about it.

Vision and Mission

Collaboration, Participation, and Do-ing

You are encouraged to act out of independence and empowerment in order to find answers to your questions, collaborators on projects, and ways that you want to plug in. Talk to people (after asking if they have time for a conversation!), and ask questions- there's so much going on here that we're excited to chat about.
While you're here, you're in charge of your own experience! Make yourself at home, participate wherever you're comfortable, and keep the space in excellent shape for others. always cleaning up after yourself and leaving things better than you found them.
We are experimenting with an 'advice process' governance structure, which is an example of 'do-ocracy' in which you (in short) 1) identify something you think should happen 2) identify all stakeholders 3) clearly communicate the situation with that group, and receive feedback 4) decide on a plan of action based on the feedback, communicate & execute. We use this process to support sustainable autonomy in a shared space.

Accountable Space

You will meet many people here, some who aren't like you at all! We all come from different experiences, backgrounds, and learnings. When joining others at the Red Vic, we invite you to challenge yourself to make no assumptions about others, and to enter with an open heart and mind for the incredibly diverse amalgamation of humans that you share this existence with.
Additionally, let this be a space where you are encouraged to look inwards, to recognize your own personal biases, experiences, and background, and to continue to grow as a person. As part of our accountable space, we practice Non-Violent Communication, a communication process based on the principles of empathy and honest self-expression.

Yes means yes

Our house, and the state of California, have adopted Affirmative Consent as a policy. This means ‘yes, means yes’ as opposed to the old model of ‘no means no’. In practice, this means that if you want to touch someone, you need to get a verbal, explicit & enthusiastic “yes” from them. For example, “Hey, I’d like to give you a massage, would that be ok with you?” or “Can I have a hug?” a ‘maybe’ or silence, or even a yes under persuasion does not count as consent and will be treated as a consent violation in our community. Remember that consent can be withdrawn at any time. This means checking in regularly! ** We understand that this can be a tricky thing to do in practice, if you’d like to talk to anyone of us about how to do this, we’d love to have that conversation so do please ask!

We are a sex positive community

What does this mean? Sex positivity allows for and celebrates sexual diversity, different desires and relationship structures and individual choices, founded in mutual enthusiastic consent. This does not mean that anything goes, this is an attitude that respects whatever choices an individual makes about their sexual and romantic behavior, which includes asexuality or abstinence. Sex positivity is not about having as much sex as you can, it is about open-mindedness, compassion, and respect. The key is that consent is essential.

Alternative Justice

Sometimes, people get hurt in communities and violations do take place. We are committed to maintaining the safety of people in our spaces. What this means is that anyone accused of wrong doing, will be asked to leave the space. In certain circumstances we will help rehouse them in the short term. We uphold the principles of restorative justice as a way for both victims/targets/survivors of abuse of all forms, to have their needs for communication and dialogue met, as well as attempting to create space for perpetrators/accused to reflect on their behavior.