Me, Myself, And My Brain: The Neural Basis Of The Self

Tue Jun 12 8 PM until 11 PM , Red Victorian

Organized by Nina Miolane

Our experience of being a “self” is so fundamental to our existence that it is often taken for granted. Nonetheless, philosophers have continually puzzled over the precise nature of who we are. Now, modern neuroscience may provide some insight into what we call the self by shedding light on specific brain regions and processes involved in constructing the sense of self. We experience the self as a cohesive entity when these mechanisms function correctly, yet when they break down we may begin to experience strange phenomena that cause us to question our most fundamental assumptions about who we are. This talk will explore experimental evidence in neuroscience to address some of the most challenging questions in the philosophy of the self – does the self remain stable across time? Is it singular or multiple? Does it even exist at all?

Kaia Sargent is a researcher at UCSF who uses neuroimaging to study schizophrenia. Her research examines how sense of self changes in psychopathology and in certain mental states such as meditation.

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